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December 16, 2016

Suspecting that you might have termites in your property can be stressful, and finding ways to deal with them can be challenging. If you’re thinking of selling your home, termites can turn off even the most eager buyer and lower the value of your property.  Like many pests, prevention is better than cure when it comes to termites and white ants.  Luckily there is a range of termite eradication and prevention treatments offered by Brisbane pest control | Pest-Ex, including physical and chemical termite barriers, baits and traps.

Termite Treatments

While many people try and get rid of termites on their own, they soon discover this is an uphill battle, and can quickly lead to money down the drain.  This is because termites are often hard to track down, and it’s likely that even if you think you’ve located the source of the infestation, there are probably other nests close by.  A professional pest control company will use state of the art high tech equipment to be able to trace all sources of termites.  They will then be able to treat the affected areas with environmentally friendly chemicals to ensure the total eradication of these nasty pests.

Most companies will do follow up inspections in order to be totally sure that the termites have been destroyed, and they will be able to help you with prevention solutions that will help them from returning.  In general, a chemical termite barrier can be used in existing and new homes, and consists of a specifically targeted formula being sprayed either in the soil surrounding the building or under the concrete floors.  This solution will be safe enough for you, your family and your pets, and will prevent termites getting a “foothold” back onto your property.

A physical termite barrier can be laid down either during the building phase of a new property or as part of a renovation project.  The barrier generally consists of a layer of protective material that will prevent termites from entering the premises – especially via the sub-floor level.  For a complete and long-lasting solution, you can also have a reticulation system installed under your home that will circulate and apply a measured amount of anti-termite chemicals to the surrounding areas.  This is recommended in areas of high termite activity where a once-a-year pest inspection and treatment is not considered protection enough.

If you have an existing home, the important thing is to try and knock the issue on the head as quickly as possible as everyday a nest of termites will be inflicting more and more damage on the timber structures in your home, meaning thousands of dollars in repairs. They can infect every part of your home – from the roof right down to the basement and even out into the garden.   If you’re thinking of renovating or even building a brand new home, it will pay to plan ahead and install a termite barrier to protect yourself from future termite infestations.  Don’t forget to have an annual pest inspection done as well, for total peace of mind.

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