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A Marriage Of Tech And Tradition

August 28, 2015

Wooden toys are still a classic choice for parents with young children, and a perfect example of how something so simple can keep a child entertained for hours. In a digital era where you would think this type of toy would’ve become obsolete, but a wooden toy with the addition of modern technology means you get the best of both worlds.

A Timeless Toy

Wooden toys have been around since, well, since someone first decided to make something half decent out of a piece of wood. Everyone will have had their favourite toys as a kid, and it’s more than likely a few of them were made of wood. Whether it was wooden soldiers, trains, cars or even just playing wooden blocks, this most basic form of toy has proved it’s worth on longevity through the years, even when technology has made leaps and bounds. The simplicity of wooden toys is what makes them loved by children; you don’t have to take the time to build it, or read a user manual for an hour before you can play with it.

Modern Tech

We are in a digital era where the technology improves everyday. Even if you look back as little as ten years ago it’s doubtful anyone would have thought modern tech would be this advanced by now. Many people will argue that technology is making children lazy, but children using modern tech doesn’t necessarily mean sitting them down in front of a screen for hours. For example a lot of newer toys are beneficial for children learning whilst having fun, and can also help to encourage creativity. Also using technology to keep children in contact with parents is a massive step in the right direction to keep them safe.

Best of Both Worlds

Each have valid reasons why they are beneficial for children, so why not combine the two? For example there are dolls being designed in Germany that think this is exactly what the children of today need. Traditional wooden toys with touch sensors and Bluetooth access, making it more lifelike to the child and more accessible to the parent. Imagine your child’s delight as it reacts to a hug (wrapping hands around it), or as it’s mood lighting changes between bright colours.

By connecting to a mobile device through Bluetooth it will tell you when it needs a ‘hug’, making it a lot more interactive. Think of the benefits of being able update a toy, giving it new features without having to spend money on the latest model. This is a more hi-tech example, but it shows you how other toys could be developed in the future, and the benefits to go along with them.

When you consider children’s toys it’s important to consider the impact of modern technology, but equally as important to acknowledge the success and longevity of what’s come before it. A wooden toy is a classic that’s been popular since before the majority of you reading this were alive. New tech has had a massive impact on the way children are able to learn and interact with toys. So combining the two could be the perfect way to get the best of both worlds.

John Bellusci is a writer for Cottage Toys, one of the leading online boutiques for traditional wooden toys and baby gifts.

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