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Peculiar Internet Laws You Should Know About

August 27, 2015

When it comes to the internet, there is a definite need of many laws. These laws are required to ensure no dispute arises based on personal remarks that are being. These remarks can also be religious and based on political beliefs. . Just like regularly introduced laws can sometimes be completely bizarre; there exist certain internet laws that leave the user completely stunned with the ludicrous nature of the rule that is imposed.

In order to ensure no one is making an offense when using the internet it is important for people to be aware of the weird laws. This article discusses three of such laws that exist in certain states and are implemented in the most diligent manner possible.

To Share Upsetting Images On Any Kind Of Social Media

This is perhaps the strangest law that exists. Sometimes when a tragedy strikes such as a mass accident, a death of a famous social person, people on the internet use the social media to mourn the loss of the deceased. One of the states of the world has declared such acts an offense by formalizing it through internet laws. Users are demanded to keep their emotions to themselves and not share images, words or references that might be upsetting to others. This is because these images that are uploaded can be viewed by anyone anywhere in the world. According to the law, the person who uploads such an image is traced through the use of the internet and sent to jail for a minimum of two years for sharing the news that caused distress to many.

To Own An Internet Modem That Has Not Been Registered

There is another country in the world that outplays the above absolutely bizarre internet law. How often does anyone care if the modem they are using has been registered? Almost never does any user ensure that the modem they have purchased and brought home is through the proper means. Not that this is a big deal, there are some states in the world who can arrest the person who purchases a modem through such means.

To Own An Internet Connection That Is Extremely Fast

If you thought the above rules were bizarre, this one will completely throw you off. There are certain states in the world that find it a legal offense if someone’s personal internet connection is too fast. So if you think updating your internet connection and getting a faster one is a good idea, think again. It might land you some jail time.

Though the above is just a brief list of internet laws that exist in the world for no apparent or logical reason, there are many more that are even worse. Hence, no matter where you are in the world, take your steps carefully, you never know what you might do wrong and end up paying for it in the jail with some real criminals.

With proper precaution you can save your skin from all the above laws that are bizarre but exist.

Holly Hamilton is the author of this article. She has taken a lot of help from this website on matters related to the law.

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