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Benefits Of Building With Concrete—And How You Can Make It Fit Any Style Of Home

September 17, 2021

Concrete is durable, easy to work with, and can take any form desired, making it a perfect building material. Both traditional and ultra-modern homes can be built with concrete. Concrete can be molded to simulate wood siding and stone, or smooth slabs can be erected for a minimalist look. Then polishing can give concrete slabs a clean looking finish. There are many different benefits to building with concrete.

Affordability and Durability

First, concrete is relatively inexpensive. The cost of wood and other building materials continues to climb, making concrete an attractive choice. Second, concrete is fire-resistant and termite-proof. This can help reduce the cost of your homeowner’s insurance. It can also reduce the need for future maintenance and repairs.


There are several methods of concrete construction, the most common of which is concrete blocks. The familiar concrete blocks typically have two hollow spaces, but newer blocks incorporate insulation. This is done either by filling the holes with foam or some type of loose-fill insulation. This significantly increases the R-value of a home. Better insulation can also lower your heating and cooling bills.

Removable Forms

Another method of concrete construction uses removable forms. A short, removable wall is built with steel rebar laid out. Insulation can also be included. The cement is poured over the mold, and allowed to cure. Once the form is removed, the molded walls can be lifted into place. 

Precast Concrete Panels

The third method uses precast panels that are made at a concrete factory. The panels are insulated and cast with openings for windows and doors. The panels are transported and erected at the building site.

Finally, a home can be constructed with insulating concrete forms as panels, blocks, or planks. These units are connected together with metal ties or are made to be interlocking. Insulating concrete forms are highly energy efficient.


Concrete is an attractive material to build with, especially if your home has a modern shape and style to it. However, it can be made to fit any style. 

If you do prefer the modern look, you can get the floors and walls polished to give the space an elegant finish. Vertical concrete polishing can give your walls a great look. Additionally, the polishing professional can add densifiers and sealers to help protect the walls from future damage.

If you prefer a more rustic look, you may leave the concrete surfaces rough. You can also paint the concrete, create a mural on it, or texture it with stucco, plaster, or a similar medium.

Other Considerations

One downside to concrete building methods is that plumbing and wiring either have to be cast into the concrete or run separately. Unlike a wooden frame house with drywall, wiring and pipes cannot easily be accessed from a cement wall. However, a concrete construction firm will know how to work around that. In fact, with modern architecture, exposed pipes and wiring conduits can add to the look.

Before you start building a concrete home, make sure you are satisfied with the floor plan. Unlike a frame home, a concrete home is hard to remodel. But overall, concrete is something to consider using when building a new home.

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