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Benefits Of Visiting The Eureka Skydeck In Melbourne

April 22, 2016

If you are not afraid of heights and you love photography, the Eureka Skydeck is the best tourist attraction for you while in Melbourne. It stands at a height of two hundred and eighty five meters above the ground and it has gold (twenty four carats) plated glass on the last top ten levels.

When you visit Australia, one of the most amazing places that you should make a point of visiting is the Eureka Skydeck in Melbourne. There are so many things to do in Melbourne but this is quite amazing and one of its kinds. The Skydeck is located on the eighty eight floor of the skyscraper that has a total of ninety one stories. If you are in Melbourne and you are looking for something great to do, you could just go for a ride up to the eighty eight floors. It is even more amazing if you are a photographer and it is thus quite important that you carry your camera. The following are some of the benefits of visiting the Skydeck:

Amazing View

The first and most sort after benefit of the Eureka Skydeck is the amazing view of the city and the horizons from such a high point. If you like taking photos, you should ensure that you include the Skydeck in the things to do in Melbourne. It is a bit expensive seeing that you will part with your money just for the ride up and if you want to step out on the deck, you will have to cough up some additional funds. Taking photos behind a glass window can be a little bit unclear due to the reflection caused by the glass window.

The Walk Experience

You can pay an extra fee of about fifteen dollars to have you bring out your inner daredevil. Just like taking a ride in an air balloon or skydiving, you get to walk on a tight rope strung from one end of the Eureka Tower to the other. Even though it is a virtual experience created using a green screen, it appears so real and you also get to capture your own pictures. Among the many things to do in Melbourne, this can be the best virtual experience for it gives you the illusion of walking on a tight rope hundreds of feet from the ground.

Great Café

Snacking as your relax and enjoy the view from the Skydeck is also a benefit that you get to enjoy at the Eureka Tower. The café on the eighty eighth floors is great and the snacks are reasonably priced for all the customers who visit. Although the set is perfectly safe, it is not wise to walk out on the deck with a full stomach especially if you get nauseated at high heights. There are other things to do in Melbourne that can give you the sense of a higher ground if you are not sure you can handle the Eureka Tower so do not have to force yourself to it.

Fast Lifts

With a building as tall as the Eureka Tower, it might take you some time to get to the top especially if you are in a building with poor elevation systems. Using the lifts at the Eureka Tower will take only take you about thirty eight seconds to be propelled to the top? Not many things to do in Melbourne can boast of doing so in such a short spun of time.

There are many things to do in Melbourne that you can indulge in especially when you are on holiday and you have the time. However, it is better to have a select few that you do not miss out on even when you are in a hurry to leave.

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