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Best Options For Garage Shelving

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August 31, 2017

Having a garage that is so cluttered it is unable to store your car is an all too frequent problem.

Almost half of garages are apparently now so cluttered that they can no longer house cars. But, there is hope. Declutter your garage and throw out rubbish to create space. Convenient and efficient DIY storage solutions can hold all the clumsy and awkward sporting goods, tools and cleaning supplies with no appropriate home.

Deluxe Garage Solutions

If you have a large budget, there are deluxe garage shelving systems that combine shelf baskets and ventilated shelving. This enables convenient storage for car repair equipment, household items and sporting equipment.

Ceiling Mount Shelving

A more affordable alternative, in 16” or 12” versions, ceiling mount shelving is able to be tailored to your garage space.

Medium Duty Shelving

A useful mid-budget choice, such as those found at

Medium duty shelving is attractive, durable and sturdy while being perfect for those on a budget. Drawers and baskets can be added to the shelving to store all miscellaneous items that can clutter garages.

Wall Mount Shelving

An alternative option to mounting shelving onto the ceiling, this shelving system is attached to the garage wall.

This is a great solution to store all of your household items, car, and sports equipment as the shelving can be moved and adjusted to accommodate any bulky items.

Overhead Garage Storage

Overhead storage is both a logical and budget-friendly storage option in garages. Shelf hangers are mounted onto the ceiling, constructed of 24” melamine or plywood shelves.

Once a car is parked in a garage, there is limited floor space but an abundance of high ceiling space, meaning overhead storage can utilize as much of the garage space as possible. This storage can hold around 1,400 lbs of household items.

Gardening Shelving

This is a shelving system designed specifically for gardening tools and equipment, which is particularly useful for any keen gardeners.

Another bonus is that garden shelving is adjustable, meaning the shelves can fit the exact dimensions of your garage, and store all your items efficiently.

Entire Wall Shelving

An entire wall of shelving in your garage enables you to store any difficult items at eye-level and off the floor, allowing all your items to be available within easy reach.

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