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Cabin Kitchen: How to Remake It Into Something Better

June 2, 2021

While your cabin kitchen might be small by necessity, it doesn’t have to be cramped or ineffective. With the right strategy, you can create space that’s just as functional as any other kitchen. The key is to develop a sound plan and then put it into action. Here are four ideas for turning your cabin kitchen into a more usable space.

Install a Wide Counter

Even if the kitchen itself isn’t particularly large, you need a wide counter if you’re actually going to cook. Preparing a large or complicated meal is practically impossible if you can’t even lay all the ingredients out on the counter. Consider sacrificing seating space or other features in the interest of widening the counter. You’re bound to be frustrated in the kitchen as long as you don’t have enough room to work in.

Enlarge the Sink

Some cabins come with tiny sinks that can barely hold a single meal’s worth of dishes. This is a problem because the sink is quickly filled to the brim with dirty glasses and plates, leaving the space overwhelmed after just a single meal. To deal with this problem once and for all, rip that tiny sink out and replace it with something bigger. Like the counter, the kitchen sink is a functional necessity that ought to be a priority, even in a diminutive kitchen.

Replace the Lights

Cabins, often by design, usually have less-than-powerful lights. But while the dimness might add to the ambiance of the cabin, it can be a major pain when you’re trying to cook. Confine the darkness to the sitting area where it belongs, and install some modern, higher-powered lights in the kitchen. Sometimes, this single change turns your dingy cabin kitchen into a space that’s pleasurable to work in.

Plan a Complete Renovation

While all these piece-meal changes will have a considerable impact, you might be better off opting for full-scale kitchen remodeling. This is an especially appealing option if your current kitchen is old or decrepit. There’s no sense making smaller changes if you’re still going to have a hard time properly enjoying the space. Rather than trying to fix what’s unfixable, you should call in some contractors to create the modern cabin kitchen you’ve been dreaming of.

There’s no law saying that cabin kitchens have to be impractical. By taking the steps outlined above, you can turn your kitchen into a comfortable and pragmatic space, perfect for preparing and consuming even the most complicated of meals.

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