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Cleaning Strategies For Your New Home

September 21, 2015

The big move is about to happen. Best of all, you’ll be in your new home a day or two before the movers or your moving box arrives and that means you have time to whip your new home into shape. Yes, it is cleaning time and the following cleaning strategies can be employed before you move into your new home.

Start With the Kitchen

One of the dirtiest rooms in the house is the kitchen. And no matter how careful the previous owners or tenants were, you’ll find your share of dirt and grime on hand.

Expect to disinfect with impunity. That means assembling the cleansers, sponges, towels, buckets, and work gloves you will need to get the job done. Importantly, you should begin with the top, specifically the top of the cabinets by removing the accumulation of dust. Clean the top of the refrigerator and then make you way to other surfaces including the counters. Wipe down all drawers. Disinfect fixtures. Wipe down pantry shelves, and attack the inside of the refrigerator, stove, and microwave.

Pull out whatever equipment will move, including the refrigerator and clean behind it. Wipe the lighting fixtures and sweep and mop the floor. Clean out the sink before moving on to your next area.

Attack the Bathrooms

Bathrooms can be skanky too, so take your cleaning items to each bathroom. You’ll be disinfecting with abandon here, so start with the toilet before moving on to the bath tub or shower. You’ll disinfect the sink too, but save that for last.

Open drawers and disinfect same. Wipe down handles, knobs and pulls. Dust and clean all fixtures, including the vents and bathroom fan. Check the shower head to ensure that it is in working order. If not, then replace it.

Sweep and mop the floor. If tiling is yellowed or needs caulking, tend to these items as well.

Head to the Bedrooms

Each bedroom may have its own challenges. Starting with the closets, open each door wide, and begin to dust from the top to the bottom. Wipe around the lighting fixture and oil all hinges.

Ensure that each closet is ready to receive your Items. As for the rest of the bedroom, dust all ledges, clean the window sills and wipe down each window. Wipe the lighting fixtures. Wipe down the walls, vacuum the carpet and clean if necessary.

Blinds and other wall coverings should be dusted. Disinfect door handles, clean the baseboards and replace the whole house filters.

Move on to the Remaining Living Areas

With the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms managed and cleaned, you’re ready to head to the final living areas. And that would be the living room, dining room and the den. As before, prepare to dust, concentrating on corners, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, blinds, window coverings, base boards and what have you. You should wash windows, wipe down surfaces, and disinfect as needed.

Each room has its own layout and needs. If a light switch is broken, then replace it. If a lighting fixture should be changed, then do this too. Whatever quick modifications you make now will save you time and trouble later on.

As Time Permits

With a whole house to tend, there may not be enough time to get everything done. But if some time does remain, then prep the laundry room next. Here, you will need to open and wipe down the cabinets, disinfect the surfaces and if you’ll be using an existing washer and dryer, to disinfect same advises Smart Box Storage.

The best way to disinfect a washing machine is to choose the hot water setting, select the “extra rinse” setting, add three-quarters of a cup of white vinegar, and run the cycle until it is finished. Check all connections, such as hoses to ensure that they make contact and are secure. Replace as needed.

As for the inside of the dryer, spray disinfect on a towel, open the door and clean the interior. Once dry, toss in a dryer towel, and run the dryer for 20 minutes. It should smell clean once you are done.

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