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Colour Themed Gifts…

By alina
November 26, 2015

Want to try something different with gifting? If yes, then you will enjoy reading this… We have decided to list down some great colour themed gift ideas for the holiday season. If you are giving the gifts personally, then don’t forget to add the same coloured flowers too! Let’s get started with the list.

The blue wonders – Blue is that one colour, which is loved by almost everyone around the world. There are so many different shades of blue, which makes it easy to make a blue themed gift basket. Add cute pairs of blue socks, blue cupcakes, blue flowers, blue clothing items, blue napkins and everything blue you can possibly find. Little additions are great to make a hamper so keep that in mind when you are buying items. Also, make sure the basket is of the darkest blue colour or sky blue. If you are keeping it simple, then go for a lighter shade of blue for the hamper packaging, and if you are going all out with it, then pick the darkest blue with lots of shimmer around.

Red romantic – Yes, if you are planning a romantic surprise then what is better than red? Add in some metallic gold to the hamper to make it elegant and classy. Red roses, red lipstick (for your ladylove), red balloons, red velvet cake or cupcakes, red scarf red packets of food or liquor and don’t forget red wine! Put in a lovely huge card in the basket to make it more impactful. You can also add some basic red clothing items and send gifts to Pakistan online or any other country directly via the web. If your better half is travelling in another country, then you always have the internet to help you out!

Bright hues – Bright hues hamper baskets are for someone with a bright and fruity personality. If you have such a friend then this idea will do wonders. Add things of colours like yellow, orange, greens, pinks, blues, whites, lime and few other summer/spring shades. Make sure the hamper basket is not too flashy otherwise it will end up looking over to the top. You can simply make a fruit basket with different coloured fruits and you are good to go. This is an affordable, healthy and easy to make hamper idea. Plus fruits are always useful for everyone, right?

Black and white – Are you planning to go old school? If so, then black and white/ monochrome always do the work. Add a little white items which are packed in black boxes or put in everything black and make the basket completely white. Throw in some white flowers or white gift cards to add to the monochrome factor. If you are gifting this to a woman, you can simply buy black and white clothes, make-up items or cakes! This is a simple yet amazing idea.

You can always get creatssve with colour themed hamper gifts. Don’t forget to add cards of the themed colour in the baskets! They do make quite the impact.

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