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Dubai Dhow Cruise – Refreshment and Enjoyment Beyond Expectations

December 15, 2016

Are you looking for a place to celebrate your birthday, or any kind of event? In that case, Dhow cruise in Dubai is just perfect. It will be a unique experience for you where you will get to watch the best view of your life for sure.

Here an exquisite boat will let you move through the best breezes and sea water will feel like blue heaven. You will be taken to various tours and you can witness many new things that you weren’t even aware of. Let’s dig a bit more about dhow cruise.

Tours (Visits)

Dhow cruise basically takes 2 hrs of time from your busy schedule and those 2 hours would be the best of your life for sure. To start with, it takes you on a tour to Old Dubai where you get to see the best old monuments and classic sculptures underneath the water and you can witness a beautiful view from the boat.

You will also get to see the ravishing new Dubai, which has amazing buildings. You will be taken on a tour to Burj-Al-Arab and Hotel Atlantis. The sights are just marvelous and the experience is something to cherish for long.

Best experience you can get

After that you are taken to a great adventurous experience of Belly dance, which is a mesmerizing experience. After having a great time watching belly dance you are served with the best dinner including Tea, Coffee, Mineral Water and Soft Drinks.

You can enjoy some whiskey and beer too if you want. The dinner definitely would be top notch and will be loved by everyone. This is like cherry on the cake after the beautiful experience that you had on the cruise.

Lovable Place

If you are thinking about a romantic holiday with your wife, then you must definitely think about going on a cruise. As a matter of fact, you could also think of kids along because it will be one-of-a-kind experience that none of you will ever forget. The spectacular beauty of the wide blue sea will leave you speechless. You can also enjoy things like Henna Tattooing, Tanoura dance, a live singer and much more.

Celebrate your occasion here

If you get a chance to celebrate birthday in dubai that too on dhow cruise then you are certainly lucky. This would be the best birthday and the best experience you will have in your life. All your loved ones invited to your birthday will definitely thank you for this pleasant gift that you will be giving them.


If there is a birthday of any of your family members coming up any time soon, then you can plan for a cruise trip well in advance and also get good package deals in the process. Fresh seafood, music and wine will make it a journey that you will cherish forever.

If you are looking for something unique and special this year, then take your family and friends on a Dhow Cruise.

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