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Expanding Roles of Hotel Management Students

March 11, 2016

One of the most lucrative and successful industries even in the most troubled of economic times is that of hospitality and tourism. It is one of those areas which are always in business, people will always travel and thus there will always be need of good professionals in this industry. Hospitality and tourism is also one of the largest industries that encompass numerous other industries within it. And one of its main components is the customer satisfaction, if the guest leaves dissatisfied, it can spell trouble for the business. Whether it is a hotel, a restaurant, a catering service, a travel agency or even an airline, the end game is always to have a happy and content customer. This industry relies heavily on customer service and the jobs in it are customer centric too.

The popularity of this industry is evident with the fact that hotel or hospitality management courses are some of the most preferred courses for those interested in the creative or tourism aspect. Every year, several students apply to many institutes and universities that offer these courses in order to make a profession in the hospitality business. The hotelier business is perhaps the biggest one in the hospitality industry and the one that generates the most revenue too.

A hotel is made up of several different departments like customer service, food and beverage, housekeeping, front desk, marketing and advertising, accounts and more. And the single goal of all these departments is to make sure that the guest leaves the hotel with the most memorable time and have little to no complaints. That is a big reason why hotels are trying to come up with interesting and unique ways to make the stay of their guests even more enjoyable. Here are a few such facilities that hotels offer to their guests to cater to all their needs:

1.Free Wi-Fi:

This is one of the latest development and something that is quickly being used by almost every hotel of good name. Free Wi-Fi is almost an essential these days and most guests will expect it when booking a room.

2.Pet Walking and Grooming:

Many luxury and high- end hotels are these days pet friendly and with that they are also offering luxury services for the pets themselves. Pet walking and grooming is one such facility that is getting a lot of positive attention from guests, as it can get difficult to travel with pets. And having a hotel that not just allows them but also has services for them and thus letting the guest have some free time, extremely popular.

3.Specialized Spa Treatments:

Hotels are nowadays also having exotic and customized spa treatments for their guests. This works very well for both business travellers and leisure ones as a good relaxing time is enjoyed by all.

Any good institute of hotel management will also encourage its students to think up new and exciting ways to make a guest’s stay better.

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