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Features and Advantages Of Glass Splahbacks: Adding A New Life To Your Kitchen

September 24, 2015

As far as protecting your kitchen from stains, dirt and grime is concerned, you can always install the glass splashbacks as they are available in many colors and designs, and they lend a new look to your kitchen. Sometimes the splashbacks are found in stained glass variety while some others are made of plain or frosted glass, so that they make your kitchen look nice, tidy and pollution-free. Moreover, glass splashbakcs are versatile in nature, and you can use them around a socket or even curve them around a corner.

What is the need for Glass Splashbacks?

There are multiple uses of glass splashbacks. The two most important needs are:

  • When you use veneers made of wood or granite in your kitchen, the kitchen cracks can develop fungus and molds. But this is not the case with glass splashbacks. Bacteria and mildew do not grow where you install the glass splashbacks, and hence you can remain healthy.

Secondly, you can clean the glass splashbacks without any hassle. They can be cleaned and wiped or washed with mild soaps or detergents that are not harsh on glass and that do not leave any ugly scratch also.

How to choose the right type of Splashback for any kitchen

  • The most important factor to consider would be ergonomics of the kitchen, its design and the correct architecture of the region on which splashback needs to be installed, we are just not only looking for a plain sheet of glass, we require a complete natural fit for the area, correct combination of colors that complement the wall and design, also we need to consider the durability of the glass, these things must be kept in mind while selecting the glass pane.
  • We also need to go through the reviews that the manufacturer receives for its products, their credibility in the market, the budget we have, the price range they offer etc.
  • We also need to take care of plating of the splashback.

What are the advantages of using Glass Splashbacks?

  • Easy maintenance: It’s just a sheet of glass, how difficult it can be wipe the entire smudge from it?
  • Thermal resistance: The products from reputed companies are well adjusted to exposure of high temperatures. Tough glass is made in furnace so it can resist heat to a double amount when compared to other materials.
  • Decent look: Not only are they easy to use they also enhance the look of your kitchen, they offer a glossy, shining and luxury look to your kitchen.
  • Lots of Customization options: From a simple glass sheet to a customized LED fitted heavy duty pane, or rainbow coloured splashbacks, there are a lot of options available for the customer.
  • Glass splashbacks both reflect and refract a large amount of light in your kitchen, thus making your kitchen spacious and attractive.

Are there any cons of having Splashbacks?

  • Clumsy Installation: Well the installation requires a lot of cutting, trimming, designing and redesigning of glass, also it can be a bit tedious to get the best possible precision fitting on the wall.
  • Expensive: They won’t burn a hole in your pocket but yes to get the best suited piece of glass for your kitchen you might have to shell out a handsome load of money.

So we have seen the ups and downs of using a glass splashback in a kitchen and I can say the pros outweigh the cons by a huge margin, and wouldn’t they, we get a reasonably efficient savior for our kitchen walls from the smudge, oil and water stains and other ugly waste and in addition to it we get a luxurious shining and decent kitchen.

Thus, by following these features and advantages of glass splashbacks you can get your dream kitchen. For more options, you can go through this link and home design magazines to get a versatile look to your kitchen.

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