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May 10, 2016

Hello Everyone…

Here we I am going to talk about the choice of residential flats. It includes the details about type, choice, locations and other lot of things for buyers who are looking to buy/rent an apartment in Gurgaon.

In this I am sharing my views and few facts about the 2BHK flats rates in Gurgaon area.

Today’s scenarios of real estate sector is very unusual as these days things are going very ups and downs in this industry, so everyone aware about the market and builders.

Before proceeding to buy a flats we need to check a lot of things about the property and builders reputations (Majorly experts says we need to do more than 100 checks to buy a property).

Here I am giving you few important points which we need include in our check list before buying any property i.e. flats 1 or 2 or 3 BHK:

APPROVAL AND LICENCES: Suppose if in case you don’t know much about the property, then you need to check the builder’s paperwork including commencement certificate for work, environmental clearance, building plans and maps approvals. Also enquire for status of the land title and see about the builder has ownership of the land or has just owning the development rights for the plot & plans.

BANKS FINANCING THE PROJECT: Banks have become a facilitator of financing real estate companies seated on unsold inventory and who do not have sufficient cash to complete their projects. One should avoid the builders who do not get approval of bank loans at all.

CALCULATE THE TOTAL COST: Do not go only with the broker’s commitments. Maximum of the times brokers just mention the basic budget and they avoid bothering with other factors like internal/external development fees, referential location charges, parking/club/statutory charges, and service taxes, which moderates the total cost. Ask for the actual cost of the property not just showoff.

VERIFY THE BUILDER: The piece of land in question which may be below litigation. Thereafter, it’s recommended that you do an extensive verification of the builder.

BUY VS RENT: Most of the people buy a property with the thought of they will use rent to pay EMIs. Experts suggest it is a wrong approach. One should not leverage in this hope that your rental income will pay for the EMIs.

THE RIGHT PLAN: There are multiple payment options available in the market such as down-payment plan as initial payment towards ownership, flexi-payment plan, construction-linked plan and possession-linked plan.

SIZE OF THE APARTMENT: Builders generally display and talk about super built-up area in brochures. It should also include about common areas such as staircase, lobby, etc.

CHECK THE INFRASTRUCTURE PLANS: We need to see about Metro connectivity or any other big infrastructure development around the area in future linked to the location of the property you are buying so that it can boost the high return on investment extremely soon.

CHECK THE SITE: The layout in the brochure could be different from the reality. So, it is must do thorough site visit not only one or two (as per your satisfaction level) before booking the property.

REGISTER YOUR PLOT: After selecting the property, you have to register it with the authority concerned for you to become its legal owner.

Now the most important thing to buy an apartment or flat is people thing about big house. I suggest you for a family which includes 5-7 members should go for 2BHK flats.

Here I am discussing towards owning 2BHK Flats in Gurgaon areas. There are number of developed and ready to move 2BHK flats available in Gurgaon.

Let’s have time to visit and check it out for you.

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