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High End Travel In Ecuador: Pure Indulgence Without Breaking The Bank

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July 21, 2016

Ecuador is a stunning country in South America located on the equator, and this hidden gem is starting to attract the attention of globe-trotters. Ecuador has many features that are treasured by travellers, and some of the most important tourist attractions are the cruises that can easily and cheaply be taken during a trip to this beautiful country. In fact, many of the best attractions in and around Ecuador are not expensive, so it is possible to have a life-changing holiday without paying a fortune.

A Warm Welcome

Customer service is first class in Ecuador, and even the budget traveller will be made to feel most welcome on arrival. From having your bags carried to being offered welcome drinks, visitors can be treated like royalty without having to spend too much. You may also find yourself welcomed with tropical fruit, which is often given in hotels as a welcome gift.

The Cotopaxi Volcano

The local markets are always fascinating places filled with food and local crafts, while the local churches are a must-see for their beautiful frescos, stained glass and wonderful atmosphere. Many visitors enjoy going to the Cotopaxi National Park, which is close to the Cotopaxi volcano, for a beautiful and frugal day out. Take care to check on the status of the volcano before planning a trip as volcanic activity has caused some trips to be cancelled in the past.

Cruises to the Galapagos

One activity that has become highly popular for visitors to Ecuador is taking a cruise to the Galapagos Islands. Galapagos cruises offer visitors the perfect way to soak up some real South American atmosphere while experiencing a life-changing adventure. These cruises, such as those offered by, take travellers to see the stunning landscape and wildlife of these famous islands, including the famous sea turtles. There is also a new marine sanctuary that protects sharks.

Easy Communication

Travellers will find that most Ecuadoreans speak English, so communication is rarely a problem, though the locals will appreciate you trying a few words of Spanish. Food and drink is surprisingly cheap here, as it is in many South and Central American countries, so Western visitors should be able to push the boat out with some fine dining for the price of a cheap meal at home.

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