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How To Reach Two Goals With One Mindset

July 29, 2016

Success can be defined in many ways, though the most straightforward route is to establish a goal and meet it. Though simple in concept, for any practical matter setting goals has proven to only serve as the beacon by the pier. Steering one ship toward success is hard enough — what happens when you have two very important goals that cannot be ignored? Does it require a two-pronged approach?

Though having many goals can inundate some, for the savvy and experienced business professional, it means some additional willpower is required to meet goals efficiently and effectively without dividing up time. The goals may be completely unrelated, like learning how to code while saving up for a new car, or the goals may run concurrently, like testing a new product feature while also selling it to new markets. Though there may be some adversity against these ideals, it’s important to know that motivation, teamwork and willpower will work in tandem for holding you accountable for your vision. These challenges will encourage professionals of any age to step up and lead their team toward concurrent victories.

Though planning may be ineffective toward juggling multiple goals, it’s important to consider each obstacle and opportunity you may encounter before beginning something new. A multitude of goals, though they may conflict at times, are just another challenge that productive business people will need to overcome through willpower, clarity and practical guidelines. After committing to a goal, all that’s left is to prepare to reach it with as many tools and assets as you can get your hands on to reach it.

There are a few very necessary strategies for successful business professional to meet their concurrent goals. The first step of many plans is to break each portion of these goals into digestible action items with realistic deadlines. Develop a work calendar for each goal and launch it into full swing. With methodical execution, a detailed itinerary and minimal disruption, time will do its best to hold you accountable to your goals.

Avoid being counterintuitive and try to over-plan things on these calendars in your personal life or your work life. It doesn’t help anyone to wear yourself out, and it certainly will mean you are reaching your goals less efficiently if you are too tired to be productive. Though life will certainly get in the way, but do not let it distract you from reaching your longterm goals efficiently. This is why deciding on tangible next steps to work toward will be an important habit to pick up in the longrun.

It will also be important to find an overlap between what some might call dual horizons to achieve more in less time. By identifying a relationship between any two goals, you may discover that some action items may complement another and it may make sense to combine certain timelines as you work toward your goals. Any commonality nets out to mean less effort, less mental strain and more forward movement toward success.

Additionally, integrating new workflows may help keep variety in the most productive period of your life. While time is limited, it is not counterintuitive — use it as the efficient resource it is to move the needle on your goals while still enjoying a healthy work and life balance.

Of course, these goals may have some conflicts that require you leaning on your motivations and teammates in order to achieve. If you are truly motivated to succeed and achieve your dual goals, it’s important to stay in-control as you move toward success.

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