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Home Security Tips 101

November 23, 2015

Let’s face it, a monthly security systems are simply a pricey investment. Nonetheless, everybody wants to keep his or her home, family and property safe. While it is tricky to keep your residence safe from professional thieves, amateur thieves do most of the home burglaries. Luckily for us, these kinds of burglaries can be easily stopped and there are numerous inexpensive ways to make your house safe from any criminal activity.

The best home security includes multiple preventions to put off burglars from targeting your residence. Here are some of the security tactics that will help you outsmart your average thief:

If you bought a new house, change the locks.

When you  move into a new home, you have tons of things to think about, but this should be your main concern. Most people create spare copies of keys, so you may never know how many sets the previous owner made. You certainly do not want strangers to have an easy access to your home.

Make sure your doors and windows are locked and secured.

This is probably the most logical step. Ground level windows and gliding doors are most often the first place that thieves will mark as a possible entry. It is preferable that your front door is constructed of solid materials such as wood, fiberglass, metal, etc.

Don’t leave notes on your door.

Never leave anything that announces that you are not home, and/or won’t be there for the rest of the day. In these types of situations, you leave an open invitation to criminals to invade your private property.

Don’t post on any social networks that you are going on vacation.

This directly ties-in to the previous entry. You don’t want to notify strangers that you will not be home for a while, making it into an opportunity for someone to rob your living quarters. Therefore, you must be very careful about what you post on Facebook, Twitter, etc. – studies show that almost 80 percent of burglars are using social media information to find their marks.

If you are an “animal person” – get a dog.

Dogs are not just good for keeping you company, they can also be good for keeping you safe. They are fast, hard to spot and more importantly – loud. They don’t even have to bite – in most cases, the criminals wouldn’t even bother with a house that has a dog and will probably try to hit the next one instead.

Install motion detection lighting.

It is reasonably priced and easy to install. If you ever hear weird noises around the house, you will instantly know if there is anything that poses a threat to you or your property. Motion detection automatically lights up a dark garage, sidewalk or the space around your house, making it easier for you to navigate at night as well.

Don’t leave spare keys around.

People loose keys frequently, so it seems alluring for you to leave a spare one under the doormat or hidden somewhere around the house. It doesn’t matter how well you think that your hiding place is, this is simply not a smart idea.

Don’t be cheap on crucial investments.

It is only reasonable to invest in your security system if there is an option of losing valuable personal assets. It doesn’t even have to be an expensive investment, try consulting 24hr locksmith Ryde if you live in the area and find out how much your residence is secured at the moment, and how much should you invest to keep it secure for good.

With all of the tips above, the only thing left to be said is that you will need insurance, nevertheless. No matter how safe you feel in the comfort of your home, you should cherish that feeling and devote time and funds to it. Stay safe.

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