How Sport Hunting Works

November 13, 2015

From the beginning of time, humans are hunters. That is what separated us from mere animals we were before. During most of our written and spoken history, hunting was a way to survive and obtain vital resources for surviving. During The Middle Ages, it became entertainment, so nobility hunted for sport. This practice remained until today, so let us see what it really is.


Many people believe that hunting for sport means that bloodthirsty humans take the whole crate of ammunition, automated rifle, head out into the woods, and kill literally everything that moves. The truth could not be further from this standpoint. First of all, hunters need to pay membership for hunting certain game. Not all animals are included in this license, and the experts are those who are monitoring the numbers of certain species in that area. In addition, people cannot hunt whenever they like, for there are strict seasons when hunting is allowed. Ammo is also regulated, by the number and type used, so there is less likely to be misused.

What is Hunted?

This matter really depends on the preference of the hunter. Birds such as wild ducks and geese, as well as pheasants are among the most hunted ones. For hunting game birds, people often use specially trained dogs, in order to frighten and lift game in the air, and to carry back shot one. Also, medium and large mammals are hunted, such as hare, foxes, wolves, wild boars and wide range of deer species. Predators are particularly dangerous, for many can severely wound or even kill the hunter. The exception is the wild boar, for when wounded, it can charge his target with such fearsome strength and speed that it can instantly kill a man. To prevent this, always take a good look around you, and see if there are any convenient trees nearby before taking the shot. If you shoot, and you doubt that you did not killed it, go for the tree.


In general, people love the thrill of the fight. But the reason why true hunters take this path, is not just to return home with a good looking trophy. One of the reasons people love to hunt is that they love setting up a waiting spot, tracking and planning on how to claim that game. In other cases, people are keen on having venison. It does tastes great, actually. Proving yourself and others that you still are “stronger than nature” is yet another reason to undergo this path. And for some, it is just time spent in the open air, and hanging out with your friends. There is also a group of people which hunts the perfect frame, and by setting several remote cameras, among which Scoutguard is one of the most renowned, they hope to catch some great videos of animals.

With what?

Most often, hunters use rifles equipped with nice optics, from shooting at distance. These are best used when hunting game which is easily scared, such as deer and bucks, while shotguns can be found among those hunting birds. Bows are also often seen lately at the hunting grounds, for their silence and efficiency is unmatched among hunting tools. Personal pistols are not used as often, but some of those with larger caliber can be carried as protection from unwanted meets, such as the one with a bear. Knives are among hunting equipment as well, but more of as a tool, than as a weapon.

So, when everything is taken into consideration, hunting for sport is not so senseless and bloodthirsty as it seems on the first thought. It still has some humanity left, and it will stay that way in the future.

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