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How To Become A Grade-A Student

By Mike
June 16, 2016

Grades may not always be important in adult life, but when you’re a student, your goals are focused on great results, perfect scores and getting into a good college. “A” grades in your ACT test mean more opportunities and will look better on your college-admission letter. But being a grade-A student isn’t all about studying long nights and quitting on friends and social life. What you need to do is come up with a good plan and stick to it.

Familiarize Yourself with the Test

The only way you can build a solid study plan is by knowing what the test is about before starting. And here is where test prep comes in. Luckily, you can get an ACT test overview from home, whenever you like, using online tools like TestPrepPlace. Once you know what to expect, you’ll be able to organize your work to cover all the subjects, paying particular attention to the ones you’re not good at, and improve your grades.

No Phone During Study Time

No distractions should interfere with your study hours. You’re ready to quit TV, music and snacks, but if you find it hard to leave your smartphone behind and you’re planning to check Facebook and Instagram every now and then while you’re at the library, you might as well reschedule your study session for another time.

Manage Your Time

Studying smart means highlighting the best parts from every studying session. This is easier to do when you have some healthy habits to help you stay focused. Take a ten minute break after every 50 minutes and start again fresh at the beginning of each new session. Don’t be afraid to change subject with something less demanding if you feel you’ve had too much information for one day.

Alternate working in the library with studying at home, and never interrupt your internet research by checking out unrelated sites (logout of Facebook so you can’t be tempted). At you’ll find some important advice about colleges, careers and how to organize your study plan to get better results.

Take Care of Your Body

During stressful periods, such as studying for your ACT test, you need to have a healthy body. That’s why you should sleep well, eat healthy meals and exercise at least half an hour every day. If you like studying at night, reorganize your sleeping hours, as lack of sleep slows down your memory.

To be a grade-A student, you need to learn every time you have the chance. You should pay attention to everything your teacher says during class and take notes. Adapt all your colleagues’ strategies to your own needs, as not all recipes work well for everybody, and try to remain focused on your goals despite all distractions. The hard work will pay off eventually.

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