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How to Decide Which Walls Stay and Which Go In Your Home Remodel

August 5, 2021

While even a modest upgrade or home improvement project can be of benefit, more ambitious remodeling efforts can be essential for maximizing the market value of a property or for creating the home of your dreams. When it comes to planning your renovation, deciding which walls to keep and which to remove or reposition can be an issue of tremendous importance.

Optimizing the Available Space

Fine-tuning the interior layout of a home can help to ensure that the available space can, can be utilized as effectively as possible. Rooms that feel cramped, spaces that are too limited and areas that are too confining can be a real issue. Repositioning and reconfiguring interior walls can allow you to design a more attractive, comfortable, and spacious environment.

Identifying Load-Bearing Walls

Some walls are more or less cosmetic while others often play a key role in maintaining the structural integrity of your home. Removing a load-bearing wall can end up causing extensive damage to the surrounding environment. When it comes to wall repositioning and removal, it pays to plan your project out in detail and to ensure that any modifications or changes you intend to make will not cause damage to the surrounding structure.

Natural Lighting

Interior lighting is a key aspect of interior design, one that can be easy to overlook. Removing or repositioning an interior wall to improve the volume of natural light within an interior room or area can often be well worth the effort involved. Beautifying an interior space can be much easier when you can work with an environment that is better lit.

Creating a Layout that Offers Better Flow

While removing interior walls won’t increase the overall square footage of your home’s interior, fine-tuning your layout and floor plan can certainly make the space look and feel larger. A floor plan that flows more easily from one room or area to the next could be easier to create than you might expect. Even removing or repositioning a single wall can often have a dramatic effect.

A top-down remodel of your existing home or investment property can do wonders in terms of optimizing market value or ensuring you can create a more spacious and comfortable household environment. Making the best decision possible in terms of which walls should stay and which should go is often an issue of paramount importance.

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