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How To Find A Trustworthy Removal Man With Van Company For Your Office Move

September 28, 2015

Finding a trustworthy man with van Company for your office move will absolutely ensure that your relocation that you have decided on will go smoothly and without any type of hassle! We think that an office removal is simply shifting all our stuff from one place to another and all we need to go is to the local storage company and pick up some big boxes to stash everything in, however there is a lot more that meets the eye when it comes down to all your moving and doing it in a manner that is not only cost-effective but safe. Capital living ensures that because we live in an urban premise, we always feel rushed for time and energy on a constant basis. Finding a removal company that is able to help you with your entire move is something that may sound simple however there is an actual process that goes into it before the movers come to your office door and take everything away, ready for the next adventure in life! We have put together a short guide for you to be able to follow a trustworthy company that will only deliver you the best service to be able to resume your business with finesse:

  • Prepare a moving checklist. A checklist ensures that neither you nor the removals company will be confused at the type of things that you need to move because there will be so many things in your office, be it big or small that moving but you don’t remember all the goods that you have. Also with the company, it isn’t always easy for them to remember everything because there are so many removals that they undertake all the time; they are prone to forgetting what they are supposed to move for you. Having a checklist ensures that none of you both are caught off guard and makes your move much simpler and easier.
  • Have a set couple of hundred pounds aside for your removal service. The last thing you want to is get to a point where everything is boxed up and then you cannot afford the service. Ensure that you always investigate that the VAT is part of their quote and if during your call or quotation exchange via email, they quote you a quote without tax, be so kind to ask them the final bill, so that your mind isn’t racked thinking of what it actually will be with VAT inclusive. Ask them how they accept payment and if they take cash or card. You would be wise to pay with card simply because if anything goes wrong, you can put a chargeback and you can claim the money back. It is simple safeguarding yourself. After all, you take out car insurance to be safe on road, why shouldn’t you do the same thing when it comes down to being completely sure about your valuables.
  • Request any form of reviews and past work done for clients. This is one thing that is very hard to fake from people and if you feel that something is off, do not part with your money under any circumstance. A legit removal company Tooting can show you a strong portfolio of their past clients and what they can do because they know that this is exactly the thing that will win them business!
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