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How To Make Your Yard Look The Best It’s Ever Looked This Spring

January 30, 2020

After a long winter, your property may require a bit of maintenance and restoration to provide a proper environment to enjoy the spring. A little effort can make a big difference in transforming your yard from winter doldrums to the greenery of spring. Here are a few tips for making your yard ready for spring flowers and foliage.

Rake Up Winter Debris

Take a few moments to clean up the loose debris that may be around your yard after the winter months. Rake up the broken twigs, paper, plastic bags and other debris that always seems to collect under the snow. This action will help you to get a better idea of how to improve your yard area for the warm months.

Remove Dead Branches from Trees and Shrubs

A hard winter can result in significant damage to landscape plants. Heavy snow and ice can leave broken tree branches and shrubs that look uneven and sad. Walk around your property and give it a thorough inspection to find these problems. Trimming this debris from your landscaping can help reduce damage to your property from spring storms. If you find a serious hazard caused by broken tree branches that could endanger people or property, you can contact 24/7 emergency tree services to resolve the matter safely.

Plan Your Beds for the Growing Season

The end of winter is a good opportunity to look around your property to see how the landscaping can be improved for both appearance and home value. You can do your planning of spring beds around the front entryway and improve the look of your back yard. Take this time to choose some flowers and add more greenery, to set the stage for summer fun.

Re-Seed Bare Lawn Patches

Take a good look at your lawn areas to detect bare patches that may require re-seeding or sod replacement to provide an attractive lawn. Find out the best type of grass seed for your area of the country from your local nursery or home improvement store.

Mulch Your Landscape Plants

Mulching your plants is a good way to ensure that the soil will hold moisture well, even if it doesn’t rain for a few days. Spread a layer several inches thick under shrubs and around tree bases.

Fertilize for the Rapid Growing Season

This is also a good time to fertilize your lawn and landscape plants in readiness for the rapid spring and summer growth. This will ensure that your plants have the right nutrients to provide strong, healthy plants for your yard.

Simple maintenance tasks can help to make your property look attractive and inviting. These tips will allow you to improve the appearance and utility of your yard areas, so you and your family can make the most of the warmer spring temperatures.

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