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How to Organize and Prioritize When Moving from Your Home to A Care Facility

March 10, 2021

Moving into a senior care residence can be a time for adjustments and reorganization. This may be a great time to get rid of things you no longer want while deciding which possessions you want to take with you. Between those two decisions, you might want to hold on to some things for future use in case you move again or decide to give certain belongings to family members. Here are some ways to prioritize your possessions.


You may want to hand out certain valuables to friends and family members who can use them now. Instead of holding on to a beloved heirloom piece of furniture that your father made decades ago, give it and other similar things to loved ones now. You will enjoy the pleasure these gifts bestow, and they can show their appreciation to you directly. You might also be able to see those things again if you visit their home.


Get rid of anything that is no longer useful or wanted. Older clothing that has gone out of style, books that never got read, or broken furniture that you never got around to repairing can be disposed of as you prepare to move. Have a yard sale and let buyers remove things for you or drop them off at a thrift store as a donation. A few in hopeless condition might be ready for the trash bin.


Organize and pack up the items you plan to take with you. Mark the cartons they go into, so you can find them easily in your new home. Label things that could get lost or mixed up with other residents’ belongings. Make sure your new place will have room for everything you plan to bring when you relocate. Keep in mind the ways in which your lifestyle may change after moving into a care residence and take the things you will truly need or want while avoiding surplus.


You probably have some possessions that you aren’t quite ready to get rid of, and you’re not sure if you want to take them with you. Put them in storage at a place like

U-Stor-It mini storage or another location. Anything you want to save for future consideration can be safely stored and protected until you are ready to decide their final disposition.

Making a lifestyle move can be easier when you prioritize the things to take while eliminating the rest or saving it in temporary storage. Streamline the moving process as you get ready to embrace your new life.

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