How To Pick The Best Ammo For Waterfowl Hunting In Inclement Weather

March 11, 2020

Whether you’ve been hunting waterfowl before or you’re about to attempt doing so for the first time, the ammo you use is going to make a big difference in the results you get. When you choose the right ammo for the waterfowl that you’re going after and the type of weather that you’re dealing with, you’ll have loads of success. Here are some helpful tips to ensure you pick the right ammo for your next waterfowl hunting expedition.

You’ll Need a Bigger Load

When inclement weather hits, you’ll likely be dealing with the wind and cold. You’ll need a bigger shot that will hit much harder to get through those inclement conditions. Also, a bigger load will reach much further. This is a necessity when hunting in bad weather, as waterfowl tend to be wearier and won’t come as close.

Tungsten-Iron Is Ideal

On those rough weather days, it’s best to have a nice supply of tungsten-iron ammo tucked safely in your waterfowl hunting backpack. This is highly preferred because this material delivers more pellet energy than traditional steel pellets that are the same size. Tungsten-iron is actually harder than steel as well, which means a clean shot for you.

Recommendations for Various Species

Knowing what to pick per individual species is the key to bagging your game. For your bigger ducks, you want to be using a three-inch shell that is rated at around 1450 feet per second. For Canadian geese, you’ll want to load up three-inch tungsten-iron BBs. Lastly, when it comes to divers, you want a three and a half-inch shell with a duplex load.

Re-Load vs Store-Bought

If you hunt waterfowl regularly, you likely go through a lot of ammo. To help save yourself some money, you can easily reload your shotgun shells. You’ll need to invest in a press and other loading supplies, which could be costly at first. But, over the long-run, you’ll find that they will pay off tremendously compared to buying a new box of ammo every time you want to go hunting.

Hunting waterfowl can be a great adventure for those who enjoy the outdoors. Apart from learning the basics of the types of waterfowl and the guns you can use to shot them, you’ll need to consider the load that you use. The above information will assist you in determining just what type of ammo you’ll need when hunting waterfowl in inclement weather.

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