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How To Turn Your Academic Experience Into A Career

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February 16, 2018

Most people enter college or university expecting to work hard, gain a degree, and then use their qualification to obtain a job in their preferred sector, but real life doesn’t always work out like that. The number of graduates is increasing year on year, with over a third of American adults now having a college degree, and that means that competition for graduate jobs is fierce. If you’ve found that you can’t get a job in the field you thought your degree was preparing you for, don’t worry, here are three ways you can still make your degree count.

Don’t Be Afraid To Strike Out In A New Direction

The years at university or college can be some of the most exciting and enjoyable of your life, and they’re a time to learn about yourself as much as about the subject you were studying. Attending college can broaden your horizons and teach new skills, so it’s not unusual to change your mind about the direction you want your life to head in after graduating. The fact is that the subject you studied isn’t the be all and end all, simply having a degree of any kind shows that you have a myriad of skills that will be highly prized in the job market. From research skills to effective communication and working as part of a team, these transferable skills can help you gain a job you love, even if it’s very different from the one you first envisaged.

Help And Support Other Students

Nobody understands the strains and challenges facing students today better than someone who has recently graduated themselves, which makes a graduate an ideal choice for the role of student liaison or student support specialist. As revealed on, this vital role provides counseling and support to students throughout their academic years, helping them achieve their true potential. For a person who loved the buzz associated with college life, and who likes nothing more than helping others, this could be an ideal career and its open to holders of any kind of bachelor’s degree.

Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur

Gaining a degree involves a lot of time spent working on your own, and some people find that this is how they work best. If that sounds like you, then why not use the skills and experiences you gained during your college years to start your own business. Entrepreneurs come in all age groups, and if you have the passion and drive to succeed, along with an idea for a product or service that others will want, then why not launch your own enterprise? There’s a wealth of support available for startup entrepreneurs on the internet and elsewhere, and the initial costs don’t have to be prohibitive.

It’s easy to panic if you can’t get a job in the area your degree prepared you for, but many graduates find that this is a blessing in disguise. You can still put the skills you gained to good use by starting your own business, or by choosing a different career path altogether, and by doing so open a new and lucrative chapter in your life.

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