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How To Write A Perfect Book Review

September 8, 2015

If your teacher gave you an assignment where you need to write a book review…you might find the task very challenging. Where should you start? What book to choose? How long should you make the review? Keep reading to find out the answers to all these important questions and learn to write the perfect book review.

Respect the Book Review Structure

Just as an essay has acertain structure, so does a book review have certain rules that must be followed. The summary of the book review should be made up of the narration part, the setting, the theme and the genre. You must write about all these 4 topics within the review.

Read the Book

The truth is you cannot write a review without reading the book. If you can freely choose a title, then write a review about the book you recently read. You will have freshly in your mind all the important factors that can help you write an amazing review. On the other hand, if the teacher appoints you to write a review on a certain book, you must read it.

Get Professional Help

You might not have the time to read the book, or you may not know how to write a review. This is when you can actually hire the services of a professional writing company. Here, an expert will write the book review as per your requirements. Choose a good writing service rated on or any other reliable review site and then inform the writers about the title of the book you need to write a review upon. The writers will always respect the deadline, and deliver top quality work.

Don’t Insert Personal Opinions

You are not a highly popular author or critique expert, so you should not include a personal opinion in the review. Try to stay objective all throughout the review, and provide the reader with essential information relating strictly to the book you are writing about.

When you don’t have Time to Read the Book…

Then you should definitely read a reliable summary. Choose achapter-by-chapter very detailed summary of the respective book, and this way you will understand everything important. Reading other book reviews may not help you write a unique and creative book review. Such detailed summaries are only about 10% in length compared to the original book.

Define the Main Idea

In order to write an efficient book review, you should write around the main idea of the book. If you don’t understand the main idea (it might be a philosophical one), then you should research the idea online. Now try to revolve around this main idea in your review, and develop on it as much as you can.

The Length of the Book Review

Remember that you are writing a review and not an essay. The ideal length of a book review is between 300 and maximum 500 words. People interested to read a certain book, will first read the review. If the review is too long and boring, people lose interest in actually reading that book.

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