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How We Can Learn About Leaderships From War Movies?

July 9, 2015

War movies are often associated with action and gunfire, but they could also depict examples of leadership skills and battle strategies. The opposing sides are often not balanced, with one side equipped with advanced weaponry. However, the supposedly weaker side seems to be prepared to fight and resist any threats to their nations. Apart from their action-packed scenes, we should also be able to learn a few leadership principles that are significant in ensuring a victory. Upon enemy’s attack to their country, military base or city, it is often depicted how people are terrified with the prospect of war.

However, one thing is immediately apparent and the peacetime is over. Everyone needs to be well prepared for the real conflict or they will be conquered on enslaved. Despite the overall sense of panic, we could see leaders who remain decisive and calm, no matter how difficult the situation is. They are able to provide orders and make sure that the crews could continue take and execute commands. When defensive actions seem to be useless, these leaders are often willing to take risk by counterattacking, because this strategy could potentially cause the biggest damage to the enemy.

Such an attack could be unsuccessful and turns out to be a rather terrible idea, but they may learn from mistakes. Leaders also often need to deal with others who have diverse culture and personalities. They need to strike balance between different brilliance and ideas. They need to take actions without understanding the real capacity and performance of their enemies. They often need to formulate effective strategies before attacking the enemy, by reassessing previous mistakes. When someone argues that they have a better idea, leaders may give him the benefit of doubt by letting them to explain.

Often, leaders could find that the suggested sound beneficial and interesting. It could potentially not only the lives of their soldiers on the battlefield, but also those who he tried to protect in their homeland and cities. This scenario could be quite popular to what happen in real life, such as in organizations and corporations. Good leaders don’t prioritize on their pride and they have bigger concerns on the company as a whole. During difficult times, it is important to have the courage to forsake pride for the benefit of all.

Military and business leaders should act like nutrient-rich soil that can sustain the growth of many plants and trees. Leaderships offer an environment for people to grow, instead of letting them stagnated. In fact, good leaders are originally good followers who can effectively take and execute commands. They are aware that the ladders of leadership involve stepping on one stone to another. Many companies suffer from bad leadership caused by leaders who are unable to establish great work environment. Poor working environment could translate to unsatisfied employees and lower productivity. In the long run, chaos could happen and a rout is inevitable, resulting our troops (company) to flee the battlefield (market).

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