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Increasing Productivity in your Gym with Air Conditioning

July 10, 2015

At the start of the year, you find a lot of people joining the gym, either as part of their New Year’s resolution or because they want to get their bikini body read for the summer month. But even with this annual influx of new members, competition for clients can still be competitive.

If you are considering refurbishing your gym you’ll be amazed at the benefits of adding air conditioning:

Minimising Risk while Increase Productivity

Having an air conditioning installation service controls the temperature makes for a more safe and comfortable workout environment. Cooler temperatures allow athletes to train harder and lessens the fatigue and headaches that tend to come from overexertion in a hot environment.

People who train too hard in high heat environments often suffer from heat exhaustion and dehydration. Excessive sweating also causes skin problems such as rashes and breakouts.  So maintaining the ideal temperature will improve workouts for all your members.

There is a widespread belief that sweating more mean you burn more fat, which there is no truth in whatsoever. Therefore, you might have to spend a little time on educating your clients when you first install your new air conditioning system.

Sweating is really just water loss, of course.  The body is attempting to regulate its own temperature, so training in sweaty environments doesn’t really lead to a better, more intense workout. In actual fact, a high temperature decreases efficiency in exercise, because the body is coping with the heat before it is able to focus on other exertion.

Reduce Humidity

If your gym is in an area that is commonly humid, an air conditioner can help regulate that by condensing moist, hot air out of the building.

Most air conditioning systems have a ‘dry mode’ which lets you run the AC to reduce humidity in the air without making the environment too cool. The key is to choose a unit that is the correct size for the space and the amount of work it needs to do.

Removing humidity from the air reduces the stickiness and physical discomfort people usually feel during physical exertion. This results in members being more comfortable and feeling more satisfied with their session.

Improve Air Quality

Almost every air conditioning unit includes air filtration. This means you’re able to actively purify the air in your gym whilst controlling the temperature.

Air filters remove dust particles, pet fur, pollen, bacteria and mites, leading to a much more healthy working environment for your staff and a clean workout space for your members.

Changing your filters requires minimal maintenance and is very inexpensive. You can buy cheap disposable filters or environmentally friendly filters that last for longer.  These are meant to be rinsed and reused but if you are unsure contact an expert.

The Cost?

If your gym is in an older building that hasn’t been recently renovated, the most cost effective way to add air conditioning will probably be to install an energy efficient heat pump. These units move thermal energy from colder environments to warmer ones in the winter, but you can also reverse them in summer to provide air conditioning.

HVAC systems allow for both heating and air conditioning.  They can be up to 80% more efficient than your current heating system if you’re using a boiler or an electric heater that is more than 20 years old. This means that installing a new system and increasing the benefit you offer to members can also save you money.

If you’re a business owner, you are probably always searching for a competitive advantage. Offering air conditioning to your members is a great benefit that will be popular with them for years to come.

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