Is Crossfit Satire News A Good Fit For Your Entertainment?

August 17, 2015

Crossfit has become an exercise craze believed to give all types of exercise enthusiasts a stronger core and enhance their fitness overall. There is no way to express the degree to which people who follow the crossfit lifestyle believe that enough is never enough. There is plenty of information that can be found on the seriousness approach to crossfit but crossfit satire has an even greater value due to its entertainment factor.

Satire is the practice of making fun of something in order to bring it to attention in a different light. Crossfit satire, then, is the creation of news articles that draw attention to the compulsive workouts crossfit enthusiasts engage in and the irony between a principle believed to optimize fitness while actually leading to some serious problems that could be looked at as ironic. The fitness satire printed on is all based on fictitious people and situations to create good-humored fun.

Reasons to Read Crossfit Satire

Whether you are a crossfit enthusiast yourself or you are not even familiar with the practice, there are a number of reasons that reading satire related to it could be beneficial to you.

  • To learn more about what crossfit really is. In spite of the ridicule, there is still the fitness type that is covered in the various stories.
  • It lacks the serious, depressing tone of regular news. Nothing will make you feel more lighthearted than laughing at the crossfit buffs and their antics.
  • It will prevent you from feeling guilty for not being more obsessive about your workouts. Being fit is always a good idea but you will soon see that being obsessive or compulsive has the potential for all types of damage.
  • You may learn that you have a much stronger mentality than the fitness buffs that you have envied for so long. Some of the ideas that these imagined crossfit buffs feel so strongly about are just too ridiculous not to make fun of!
  • To confirm the idea that you have always had in the back of your mind that people who are physically fit just aren’t “exactly right”. The idea of the “dumb jock” isn’t a new one. Once you read some of the crossfit satire in the news, you will find out that it isn’t a big stretch to connect muscle with lower IQ.
  • To have a laugh without pointing the finger at a real person or situation. You don’t have to worry about whose feelings you hurt or what is “politically correct” when the joke is on a made-up character.

All crossfit satire is not the same and some sites may go too far for your comfort. Reading about fake people and situations is just a good way to enjoy a good laugh without the insults that can be downright dangerous. So, take a look at some of the fitness satire that defines the true meaning of irony and get your laugh for the day. Even if crossfit is at the basis of your fitness, the irony is something that can’t be denied.

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