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Extending The Life Of Your Electric Hand Dryers – Essential Tips

August 17, 2015

It’s probably fair to say that automatic hand dryers have well and truly taken over as the new standard across most of the UK’s offices, commercial buildings and so on. Now more than ever, people are very much aware of the need to both do what’s right for the environment and minimise spending at the same time – hot air hand dryers ticking both boxes in spades. According to the folks at, more buyers than ever before are quizzing these exact things prior to going ahead and buying hand dryers, willing only to pick up those that will help save them money and do their ‘bit’ at the same time.

Of course, costs tend to be the most immediate concern for most as there’s often limited funds to play with when it comes to such purchases. As such, it’s a case of making sure value for money is maximised by not only investing in a quality machine, but a machine that goes on doing what it does best for the long-term.

So with this in mind, what follows is a quick introduction to just a few expert tips on the subject of getting the very most out of your hand dryers and extending their life as much as possible:

1 – Quality Brands and Suppliers

The first and most important tip of all is also the most obvious – buy quality hand dryers from leading brands in the first place. While it’s true to say that there’s more to the matter than brand names alone, you simply cannot expect to get world-class performance and reliability out of a product that’s been picked up for next to nothing. If it’s been made cheaply and sold for pennies, chances are there’s a reason for it. There are certain brands and retailers on the market that have made incredible names for themselves over the years by supplying the best goods that are built to last. As such, to choose anything else is to take your chances and roll the dice – a risk not usually worth taking.

2 – Regular TLC

Once the machines have been bought, it’s then a case of knowing what to do to keep them working as they should. Upkeep of a modern hand dryer is minimal to say the least, demanding little more than a quick daily wipe for hygiene purposes and a slightly deeper clean when needed. In addition to this, it’s also important to be on the lookout for any signs of debris or build-up which could stand to block intakes or clog filters. Speaking of which, filters where present should also be checked on a regular basis and replaced as and when recommended by the manufacturer. Just a few minor tweaks here and there are usually all it takes to keep things running as new indefinitely.

3 – Power Down

As is the case with the majority of electronic products, it’s usually a good idea to power down your hand dryers when and where they won’t be in use for some time. Whether it’s overnight, over the weekend or even just for a period of a few hours you know they won’t be used, powering them down can be good for the machines and also for your pocket. After all, it’s no secret that anything left plugged in is using electricity even while not in use – why waste money for no good reason?

4 – Watch for Warnings

One of the most important things you can and must do when in ownership of hand dryers is to be aware of any warning signs they may give off that something is wrong. It’s very rare for a dryer to encounter a problem that can’t be fixed for a relatively low price – certainly a lower price than replacing the unit in full. As such, it’s never a good idea to ignore any warnings that may emerge over time as they could indicate that something more severe is manifesting. From strange sounds to unusual smells and any problems with the performance, try to remember that ignorance really is NOT bliss.

5 – Don’t Cross the Line

Last but not least, unless specifically told to do so by those you bought the dryers from, there’s a line you really shouldn’t cross when it comes to your own input. This is usually the line that requires a screwdriver to cross, so if you’re advised to stay out of the inner workings of the thing, you’d better make sure you do exactly that! It’s simply not worth voiding your warranty (if you have one) or making things worse than they already are – give the pros a call.

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