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Just between Us: How to Get a Neighbor to Split the Cost of a Fence

October 10, 2018

The dividing feature between two neighboring residential properties is usually a fence. A fence provides you with privacy, and it creates a definitive and visible border. In addition, it can keep pets and kids in your yard for their safety. If your property does not currently have a fence or if your existing fence is in poor condition, you may be ready to build a new fence. The unique nature of a fence benefits property owners on both sides, so it makes sense to ask your neighbor to share this expense with you. In some areas, homeowners must share this expense by law. If you are ready to approach your neighbor about beginning this project, these steps may help you to produce the desired result.

Get a Few Quotes

Before you talk to your neighbor about the fence, it makes sense to request several quotes to build the fence from reputable fence companies. You can present the quotes to your neighbor to indicate your strong desire to complete the project. This also gives your neighbor several options regarding time and cost. Even if you want to build the fence yourself, it is still wise to get some quotes. While you may be confident in your abilities, your neighbor may prefer working with a 3rd party like a fence company for quality assurance and to keep costs above board.

Discuss the Needs and Benefits

Select an ideal time to approach your neighbor, such as in the evening after dinner or in the middle of the afternoon on a weekend day. You likely are familiar with your neighbor’s schedule and can select a good time to knock on his or her door. Bring the quotes with you, and openly discuss the need to install a new fence. Remember to focus on the fact that a new fence is beneficial to both property owners. For example, it can improve property values on both sides of the fence.

Be Flexible

You may have been thinking about installing a new fence for several weeks or longer before you approach your neighbor about getting started with this project. You have had time to review the quotes and even to prepare your budget for the project. It is not reasonable to expect your neighbor to instantly agree to the project or to be financially prepared to move forward. Ensure that your neighbor understands your willingness to be flexible regarding timing. You may even need to wait several months before your neighbor is ready to begin the project.

A new fence is a shared feature between neighbors, so it makes sense to share the expense with your neighbor. Follow these effective tips as you work toward reaching a positive and mutually beneficial outcome with your neighbor.

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