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Kit Homes: Would You Build One?

June 1, 2016

What if you could build your home from a kit?
There are a lot of myths surrounding kit homes, and lots of people believe them.

Myth number one:

Kit homes are ticky-tacky and they all look the same.

Absolutely not! Kit companies and designers are prepared for flexibility. They know not everyone wants the bathroom off of the living room. Kits allow you to tailor the original plan you liked to suit your needs. So, if you want the bathroom two ways off the bedroom, instead of one way off the living room, you can! Some kit designers even let you design your own home plan, and then make up the kit to your specifications.

Myth number two:

Kit homes look like ugly, mobile homes.

Think again! Kit homes are incredibly diverse and unique, from traditional ranch styles and palatial pillared estates to log cabins. Kit homes come with porches, sun rooms, balconies, trellises, and a range of door and sash plans. A variety of floor plans are on tap, with many options to upgrade. All kinds of exterior siding materials are available, like vertical wood panelling, log, vinyl and fibre-cement lap. Offerings are just as diverse for outside design, with bay windows, dormers and porches. Roofs can be pitched to owner specifications.

Appraisal studies confirm that factory-build homes stand head to head with other housing forms in similar markets for value.

You can build the house of your dreams!

Much is discussed about environmental concerns and building. Naturally, your first concern is for your financial environment and saving your money. Many people suppose that it is easy to build their own home with standard construction and save on expenses. This is a faulty notion favoured by many do-it-yourself people. It usually ends up costing far more than imagined, and can be very frustrating. Building, like any other profession, takes an expert.

Construction costs of a kit home average 10-20 percent less than a comparable home built on site. This will save thousands of dollars over standard construction.

Building a kit home is so simple and quick that you can do it yourself and do it perfectly. If you do decide to hire a builder, you will see a big savings in labour costs and much faster progress to completion, because weather is not a factor in building a kit house. All the parts are built inside a manufacturing facility. Building to factory specifications slashes error margins, inventory is protected inside a facility, and all construction materials are bought in volume to hand cost-savings on to the buyer. This includes appliances and interior finishes.

The environmental word in building today is sustainability. Many modern kit homes are made from treated pine timber frames or recycled steel.

Recycled steel?

Recycled steel is the poster child of sustainable building materials. Steel frame kit homes provide an eco-friendly approach to deforestation, along with the highest durability rating of national building codes against wind and seismic events.

The light weight of steel framing gives more freedom to design the home and more space, as well, not to mention instant triumph over insect and animal damage.

Suppose I decide to build my kit home myself, but I need information on legal approvals?

Lots of kit home suppliers and companies can get you started by providing you with documentation to receive planning license approval for the home. A building license comes next, and the kit company will provide you with their information to acquire this permission.

I think I might need some assistance on the actual building.

No problem. Kit companies provide a very comprehensive building manual for your new home. They are also available to answer all of your questions in detail by phone.

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