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Kitchen Design Trends To Watch In 2016

May 9, 2016

Being the most functional room in our home, it is essential that our kitchen is well planned and designed. This being said, kitchen designs are quite volatile ground and what was a huge hit yesterday, will not necessarily be popular day after. Still, according to various indicators, there are some things that are evergreen as well as some things that are bound to reappear in 2016. Here are some kitchen design ideas to watch out for in the following year.

Utilizing Your Kitchen

In order to make your kitchen properly, you simply must address the issue of functionality first. This means, that initially you need to address are two things: storage and power availability. First of all, there are so many kitchen ideas out there, that you definitely must find something that you like. However, if you are inclined to go with 2016 kitchen cabinet trends, go with clean lines and subtle designs. This means preferably light wood, white or light grey. In other words as neutral as it gets. For your power output, just remember that you will need a lot of electric appliances so when designing your kitchen act upon this knowledge.

Making Your Kitchen Safe

The most important thing in any kitchen is that safety comes first. Start by storing all of your sharp and otherwise potentially dangerous objects out of the reach of youngsters. Proceed by installing a reliable fire alarm (which you should check at least twice a year), furthermore make sure to always have a fire extinguisher at your side. Finally, in order to make your kitchen slip-proof you can always place a well-designed Zado rug. Not only will this make your kitchen a lot safer, but the trend of kitchen rugs shows serious inclinations to become a thing in 2016.

New Kitchen Surfaces

Now out of all innovations that appeared in this field, we can certainly agree that this is probably the most daring one. Up until recently, kitchen surfaces were usually made from materials such as marble, granite or even copper. However, 2016 (according to some) is going to be the year of porcelain countertops. Even though not as popular as their more traditional counterparts, these surfaces are no less impressive from the visual standpoint. Still, their greatest advantage lies in easiness of maintenance. Anyone who spends a single month cleaning porcelain countertop will never be able to go back.

Dealing with the Walls

As for the kitchen walls, there are three options that you have ahead. First one is the use of wallpaper which is highly impractical since it unpleasantly enough absorbs all the fumes in your kitchen. Second one is painting and if you chose to go with this you need to know what the official kitchen colors of 2016 are. Here, it is pretty much same as with cabinets- you cannot miss with neutral. White is completely timeless, but some nuances of green such as hunter or olive can also serve you well. As for the third solution, it is by far most practical to simply install tiles. Easiest to maintain, if chosen carefully, geometric tiles can act mesmerizing yet invigorating on all of the inhabitants.

Lighting Options

When it comes to light, natural sources are by far the most adequate ones. Because of this, try installing as large windows on your kitchen as you possibly can. However, since you have only so much daylight available, for your artificial lighting solutions go with LED light bulbs. This will do a favor for both you and your wallet on annual basis, since LED bulbs spend significantly less. Going green is probably the best choice you can make since apart from being earth friendly, these solutions are wallet friendly as well.

As you can see, when it comes to kitchen design 2016 will be indeed an interesting year. However if we had to describe it in no more than three phrases they would have to be practical, green and user friendly. All that is left for us now, is to eagerly anticipate the season that is ahead of us.

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