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Looking Under The Hood Of A Military Power Supply

July 30, 2015

Military power supplies contain special provisions that are not found in residential and commercial power units. Military units are designed to work in adverse condition, and each military power unit you open will possess the characteristics listed here. Each quality makes a power supply more reliable, durable and powerful in the field.

#1: Larger Temperature Ranges

A military power unit is capable of running at much higher and lower temperatures than normal. A military outfit does not choose the weather it experiences in the field, and you must use a military power unit that is designed to perform under extreme conditions. Every power unit you purchase must run at very low and very high temperatures in the span of a short period of time.

Temperatures in the field change often, and a platoon must have a power unit that will function in all areas, and the troops can go from one place to another without worrying about their power unit. The unit has a strong casing that locks out all weather, and you will not see changes in your power supply’s performance under extreme conditions.

#2: Shock Resistance

A military power supply must stand up to shock and vibrations on the battle field. Military units could come under fire all the time, and their power units must continue to work even though they are under fire. The harsh conditions that occur during a firefight should not stop a power unit from working. Everyone working with electronics relies on their power supply, and all electronics will shut down if the power unit cannot withstand constant shockwaves.

#3: Humidity And Moisture

Humidity and moisture in the area will damage your electronics easily. Normal power units will fall apart under rain or moist conditions, but military power units will run for hours on end regardless of the weather conditions outside. The newest military power units on the market remain lightweight even though they are fortified against inclement weather.

#4: Solar Radiation and EMI

Electromagnetic radiation and solar radiation will destroy a regular power supply, but the military power supplies you use in the field will not be affected by efforts used by the enemy. EMI is used in cannons and other weapons to cause damage to your electronics, but your power supply has a casing that will prevent any radiation from penetrating the unit. These power units can be taken into any battle theater with confidence.

#5: Thermal Shock

Thermal shock is a massive change in temperature that happens quickly. The electronics that are moved into the battlefield could shut down when the desert temperatures go from hot to cold. You will see changes in the way the power supply performs, and you will prevent damage from thermal shock that happens on every battlefield.

#6: The Future

The future of military power units will see a combination of all these traits being placed in lighter units. Each unit will get lighter by the year, and military units will have packs that can be carrying on the backs of its soldiers. Everyone who is in the field must have a way of powering their radios, weapons and computers. Battles are lost when electronics are not working properly, and every military unit in the future will have a portable version of the units discussed here.

All military power units are designed to work under extreme conditions, and people in the field must have something they can count on. Every unit will run at maximum capacity for days on end to support troops, and troops can power several different electronic units at the same time.
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