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Making A Positive Contribution To The Society!

July 27, 2016

You work towards your goals and have to ensure that you earn money in life as well. This means you spend most of your life either studying or chasing dreams. In the process, you often forget your role as a responsible human being who has come to this planet with a motto of more than just earning money and owning things. You work hard and by the time you realize it, your life has come to an end!

Mack Prioleau says that you should never waste your life just by working and earning money. He says that the needs of human beings are few but their wants are many. You need food, clothing and shelter to survive in this world. However, what you do is dream for that big car and house. When you get them, your next dream is the bigger car and house. This becomes a vicious circle as more and more people are getting trapped in it. The rat race and the desire to excel is taking a toll on your life and happiness. It is time for you to go slow and do something different that will make your life worthwhile and valuable.

Mack Prioleau is a successful footballer and he has pursed Financial Economics and Corporate Strategy while studying Economics. He plays many outdoor games and has traveled extensively as well! At the age of eight years, he traveled 19 nations with his parents. They loved traveling and took him along. He says that those years were the most crucial periods of his life as he developed as a human being with compassion and kindness. He met people from different nations and cultures. This made him become open minded and flexible. At the same time, he also started to learn Spanish and now is very fluent in the language. He finished his schooling from Vanderbilt University and focused on his mental and physical development after his studies. He still plays a lot of outdoor activities and says that it is important for you to be physically fit and fine if you wish to excel in life.

Success is important in life says Mack Prioleau however as a responsible citizen of the land, you should also give back to community. This is what he believes in and is doing right now. He has taken the pledge to teach underprivileged children. They are his inspiration and at the same time his passion. He loves being with the kids and relive his children again. He says that it is very important for children to be educated so that they become self-sufficient in their own right. He is lucky to have received this opportunity to teach children and help the needy.

Mack Prioleau is one of the few human beings in this world that has been able to help society alongside being in a successful career. He is an inspiring youth role model and tells the young people not to waste their lives in alcohol or drug addiction. There are more better things to do as life is short and you can make it meaningful-it is your choice!

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