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Moldy Carpets, Warped Walls, and Other Types Of Water Damage That Can Devastate Your Home

September 14, 2020

A water leak or worse, a flood, can cause significant damage to your home. Whatever the cause, repairing water damage is a big job. Not only does the obvious damage need to be fixed, but your home also needs to be inspected for both mold and structural damage. Unfortunately, mold can set in quickly, so drying out the flooded area fast is very important. You’ll need a professional who can work quickly to get your home back to normal.

Finding the Leak

You’ll not only need to clean up the water damage but you’ll also need to locate the leak. A leaking roof or burst pipe means you’ll need a roofer or a plumber to fix the problem in addition to water damage restoration.

Water running down and in between the walls of your home can warp the drywall and contribute to the growth of toxic mold. Not only that, but both termites and carpenter ants love wet wood, and can chew holes through a building’s structure.

Any type of water leak needs to be addressed immediately; the longer the problem goes on, the more serious the damage.

Flood Damage

A flooding river or lake is among a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Your home could be filled with inches, or even to the roof with dirty, contaminated flood water.

In the case of a flood, most of your belongings will likely need to be thrown away. That includes clothing, furniture books, and toys. Once anything other than ceramic or metal are saturated with dirty water, it’s nearly impossible to recover.

A water damage restoration company can clean up the muck from the flood, and they can also help you sort through and remove your damaged personal items. A flood is certainly devastating, but hiring a reputable water damage restoration company can ease the pain.

What You Need to Do

If your home has been flooded, turn off the electricity—water and electricity do not mix. You, your pets, or your children could be electrocuted if the water has gotten into an outlet or wiring.

If you have a wet/dry vacuum, you can start pumping out the water. If not, you can try with buckets. Otherwise, the water damage company you hire can do it for you. Once the water is gone, the priority is to get everything dry. Open up your windows and let the air circulate. Do not try to clean any visible mold, as that can cause mold spores to spread. 

Call a specialist right away, to not only help clean up the mess, but to also assess the damage to your home. Water can cause a lot more damage than you might think.

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