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Options For Tree Service

April 11, 2016

If you have a garden it is highly likely that you will have a tree in your garden or at the border between you and your neighbor’s house. Whenever there are trees in the vicinity there will be times when they need to be felled, trimmed or you may simply be looking to have the troublesome stump removed. You may even need to have a tree cut up and removed after it has been blown down in a storm.

A professional firm, such as Michael Tree Services in Fredericksburg, offers much more than just tree felling, or even the shaping of your trees. It will also offer landscaping services and even plant healthcare. Speaking to an expert such as this can be done via the telephone, in person or it can be done via a visit to their website.

Why Use a Professional

Having work done to your tree is potentially dangerous, the tree can fall in the wrong direction and end up damaging your property or that of your neighbor’s. It is also possible to do an injury to yourself. This can be due to the tree falling, or part of the tree falling on you, or it could be a result of slipping with your cutting tool and injuring yourself. Chainsaws are usually used when dealing with trimming or felling a tree. However, in the hands of someone without experience they can be a dangerous tool.

A professional firm will have a vast amount of experience in dealing with the felling of trees; they will perform the relevant risk assessments and have all the necessary safety equipment to deal with any issue you may face. They will also know how to handle trees which are diseased or could be unpredictable when they fall. As well as having the experience they will have the necessary insurance to deal with any issues should something go wrong when felling or maintaining the tree.

Finally, a professional tree service firm will be able to remove the tree or even cut it up small enough for your wood burning fire; if you are lucky enough to have one. This will save you a considerable amount of time and inconvenience; dealing with a fallen tree and having the remains removed by yourself will involve either you chopping it up or enlisting the help of a professional firm to remove the wood for you. This is something that will not appeal to many people as it is a considerable amount of work. You will also still need access to a chainsaw and possibly other, specialist cutting equipment. As well as this you will also need to arrange to have the wood removed, or chop it and stack it ready to use in your own fire.


Many people are injured every year when attempting to cut a tree down or deal with part of a tree. To ensure you are not one of these people it is best to use a professional tree service; it can seem easier to do it yourself, but it is often advisable to let the professionals do it.

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