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October 19, 2016

I do not love a good party, said no one ever. Good food, great company, free flowing drinks and conversation, there is too much to love about parties. The one important note though is that not all parties are charming. Only a well-planned one leaves lasting impressions to the guests. Plan a positively memorable party and people talk highly about it for years. A poorly planned one will have people talking too, only that they will use it as a benchmark for poor planning. You do not want to be the butt of all party jokes.

With the season warming up, you may want to take your party outdoors because again no want hates some good ‘ol fresh air. The party essentials that you must have to make your day a success are pretty basic and you do not have to buy them. You could rent them for the day of your event and then return them once you have folded.

  • Tents

The sun may be shy, but you do not want to expose your guests too much to the elements. Have the tents pitched on the grounds before the big day so that you will not have to rush at the last minute. When you pitch it perfectly, a tent not only serves to shield your guests from the hot summer sun, it becomes a big part of the décor

  • Chairs

Your guests will need to sit down, right? You have options from the available range of plastic, wooden, stackable, or folding chairs. Your choice is mostly going to be determined by the nature of the event and the accompanying décor.

  • Tables and Linen

The tables will come in handy when it is time to eat. They may be all covered in linen, and no one may be able to see them, but they are still quite important. It would be ideal to source them from the same party that supplied you with the chairs so that they coordinate properly. The linens matter more because they create a beautiful setting for your tables. With linens, it is only the color that matters but the material too; even more that the color perhaps. You want a material that does not attract the slightest speck of dust and one that is quite easy to clean. Taupe lamour tablecloths would be ideal for fancy functions and high-end parties, but the humble poly-cotton will do for the neighborhood barbecue.

  • Furniture

Apart from the chairs, you may want to look into providing furniture for other purposes too. Comfy couches are becoming quite popular with both indoor and outdoor party planning. Depending on the event, you may consider getting a movable stage and setting it up in a way that makes it look authentic. Choose furniture colors that compliment the theme of the party and blend it with the lighting.

  • Décor

This part of your party plan is going to make or break you. People do not remember the seats as much as they remember the centerpieces, the drapes, chandeliers, lighting and all those little things that you must never overlook. Light creates an illusion that could lift the mood of your party or bring it crashing to the ground. Be sure to bring put your best foot forward as the world is judging you based on these finer details. Add some good music to that and you have yourself a jolly good party.

Party planning is rewarding when you have it all figured out and reliable vendors. Everything has been made easier by the fact that you can easily rent your furniture and all other necessities at a cost that beats buying it.

Written by Lindsey Rentals. Lindsey Rentals offers the best party rentals in Columbia, MO.

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