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Prefabricated Shower Cabins vs. Custom Made

February 13, 2017

A bathroom makeover can upgrade the feel of your place. If your think it’s outdated or it no longer suits your style, a renovation project will be fantastic for you. One of the factors that you need to consider in a bathroom makeover is your shower cabin or enclosure. There are different styles of shower cabins to choose from. You can have one custom-made or you may also go for a prefabricated one. To determine which option is right for you, it’s best to get to know your choices, as well as their pros and cons.

Custom-Made Shower Cabin

A custom-made shower cabin is one that is personalised and built on site. This is something that you should never tackle as a DIY project unless you are a pro in this area. One of the advantages of this option is that your design choices are infinite. You can work closely with the specialist building your shower cabin to specify the details that you want to be incorporated.

The space will also not be a problem as it can be adjusted to what you have in your bathroom. If you want to go eco-friendly, you may also ask your service provider to use materials that are good for the environment, including recycled or eco-friendly tiles. Most prefabricated shower cabins are made from ceramics or tiles created from scratch so they are not as environment-friendly.

The biggest disadvantage of having a custom-made shower enclosure is the cost. Since everything is customised and personalised, it means that it also costs more. It also takes longer because of the time to build it.

Prefabricated Shower Cabin

A prefabricated shower cabin is built in the factory so it can be quickly installed at home. Depending on the option you choose, you may do the installation yourself or you may require the help of a professional, although it will still be installed quickly and the cost will not be as high that for a custom-made option.

The installation of wall kits and interlocking multi-piece units can be a DIY project as these options only require putting together ready-made pieces. However, single unit shower enclosures will require the help of a plumber as the water source must be installed for the shower, and the drain must also be worked on.

While there are various sizes of prefabricated cabins available, you may not get one that is a perfect match for your desired size as you can only choose from the standard sizes being sold. However, you can start using it in no time as installation can be done quickly.

Weigh the pros and cons of these options to determine which one is the best for you.

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