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Shopping for Specialized Parts Not Found in Stores

April 11, 2018

It can be easy to overlook the smallest parts on your company’s equipment until these parts break or no longer work. It is at this point that you realize how important they are and from what source they can be obtained.

Chances are that your local parts stores will not have cart handlebars, axles, brakes, and stem casters in stock. Your local sales people may not even know what those parts are or for what purpose they are used.

Rather than throw out the equipment and buy new replacements, it could be just as simple to fix them using parts that you have purchased on the website. You can narrow your search and find specialized gear designed just for the equipment that you rely on in your workplace.

Spring Loaded Casters

The casters used under some furniture like tables, carts, gurneys, and desk chairs are designed to hold weight and swivel quickly. You could choose casters that are thick, sturdy, and built to hold great deals of weight. However, their thickness may prevent them from being able to adjust themselves and handling tight turns.

Instead, you might choose casters with springs attached to them. These casters can bounce up and down as needed to absorb heavy weights and fast shocks. They also can turn quickly when you turn a corner or push them quickly down a hallway.

Other Casters for Sale

Along with spring loaded casters, you can find industrial parts that are glide effortlessly across floors. They are made out of stainless steel, fiberglass, and other materials that will not scuff or scratch a floor. They also can be used on slick surfaces like the floors found in restaurants and bakeries.

If you worry about how your floors will look after pushing casters across it, you might prefer those that are thin yet sturdy. They can handle moderate amounts of weights and be used effectively in environments where the floor surfaces might become compromised or slick.

All of the casters are priced to fit within most operational budgets. You can see how much they cost before you add them to your shopping cart. You also can adjust how many of each caster you would like to purchase by using the quantity menu. The company can also ship your caster order directly to your workplace or to your home whichever you prefer.

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