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Small Problems You’ll Be Glad You Reported Early to Your Landlord

January 14, 2019

One of the benefits associated with renting a home is that home repairs are the responsibility of your landlord. When a major issue occurs, you understandably may be relieved to know that you do not have to pay for the repair cost out of your own pocket. However, it can be a major hassle to report a problem to the landlord and to deal with the inconvenience of having repair professionals traipsing in and out of your home. With this in mind, you may be one of many renters who do not report seemingly minor issues to your landlord. In some instances, however, this strategy can backfire. These are some of the minor issues that may be easy to overlook and that should be reported to your landlord right away.

Missing Shingles on the Roof

After a major storm or even strong winds, you may notice a few shingles laying on the ground or stuck in nearby tree branches. If you look up at the roof, you may see a few shingles that are still affixed to the roof, but they may be askew. Even seemingly minor roof damage, like rust on metal roofing, will detract from the integrity of the roof, and it could lead to a serious leak in the future. Your own property in the home may be damaged as a result.

Faulty Wiring

The wiring in your home’s walls must remain in good condition and perfectly intact in order for the outlets, lights and other features to work properly. You may notice that a light flickers frequently or that an outlet is no longer functional. While these may be bothersome nuisances, you can overlook them. Because they could indicate a possible electrical short in the wall, they are a sign of a serious fire hazard. A fire may displace your family, result in lost personal items and even cause injury or worse.

A Minor Plumbing Leak

Serious plumbing leaks understandably dictate the need for an emergency call to your landlord for immediate repair work, but a small leak may not seem worth contacting your landlord about. For example, you may simply overlook a small amount of moisture underneath your bathroom sink. This type of issue can result in higher water bills than necessary and may expose you and your family to dangerous black mold. In addition, your landlord may hold you financially responsible for damage if you fail to report the issue promptly.

Each of these seemingly minor issues can result in serious property destruction and can personally impact your life in various ways. It can be inconvenient to make a special effort to contact the landlord as well as to deal with repair professionals in your home. However, these inconveniences are much easier to deal with than the potential outcomes that may result from inaction from you.

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