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The Oldest Man Of The World Finally Dies

July 30, 2015

The world’s oldest man Sakari Momoi died yesterday. He was at the age of 112 when he was dying. It is said that, he was suffering for a long time for kidney failure and had to admit in the hospital on Sunday. He took his last breath to his dearer city, Tokyo.  At the time of his death, his family members and other relatives were nearer to him.

Sakari Momoi was born in 5th February 1903 at the place of northern Japan’s prefecture of Fukushima. But later, he transferred his living place to the northeast side of Tokyo, most probably Saitama. He was a teacher of a high school. Moreover, because of having more popularity, he served there as a headmaster till his retirements. This breaking live news was covered

Inspite of having too much age, Sakari Momoi used to spend his life in a happy way. He always wanted to cheer up his mind by doing various kinds if cheering thing. He loved to read and write. The Chinese poetry was very much loved by him. Drawing was also very favorable to him. In a word, he didn’t make the other people understand that he was too much old then. However, sometimes the young people also surprised by seeing Momoi’s working energy.

This very energetic man got the certificate of being the oldest person on the earth, from the Guinness World book authority, when he was at the age of 111. The authority visited this old man in order to get the proof of his age. After visiting and ensuring all the details, they declared him as the oldest fellow of the world in August 2014. It is certainly a great respect for him and for his country also.

From the previous record of the Guinness book world record, it has found that the people, who used to achieve the position of being the oldest fellow of the world, are mostly coming from Japan. This country is also considered as the long aged people’s country. It’s definitely a great point of Japan.  They are also very much appreciating for hard working and regular physical exercises.  Rest on this story can be followed by visiting .

Japan is mainly familiar and populated for the age of their public. Most of the people of this country, used to live a very long life. Even the average age of here people is about 80. It is certainly the highest position among the world. As the Japanese are very industrious nation, so it is assumed that their hard working is the main fact of their long lifetime.  They also maintain a very diet food habit. They are mostly found in taking healthy and liquid food, that give them much energy and strength. So, overall, their work and living method are the prime factor of their long age. The people, who wants to live a very long life like the Japanese, he or she can follow the living and food habit of them. Japan can be a great idol or icon for them.

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