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The Right Warehouse For You Inventory

By alina
July 27, 2016

Once a company has decided that the need for a warehouse is necessary, they must di research and figure out which type of warehouse will be right for their company and their products. Some products may need a specific type of storage. Or it may need extra security to make sure the products stay safe. Maybe your company deals a lot with import and export, which would mean that a different type of warehouse will be more effective for the services your company is looking for. After considering what type of business you do, what type of products you sell, and which type of warehouse is right for your company; businesses like Reliable Transportation Link can help you on your way to a more efficient way of doing business.

Types of Warehouses

There are three main types of warehouses, with the first being a private one. These types of warehouses are owned and operated by large manufacturers that only provide services to their company. The formation and continuous running of a warehouse consists of a large investment, which is why large manufacturers tend to own their own warehouses. They are generally the only companies that can afford to do so.

The second type of warehouse is the most common form and is called a public warehouse. This type is usually specialized in nature and allows anyone to store things for a fee. They can run by individuals or a group of people, but they must run under the rules and regulations set up by the government. While they are said to be available to any of the general public, they have become very useful for businesses. They are commonly located near various transit connections allowing them to move inventory quickly for their clients.

The last form of warehouse is called a bonded warehouse. This type is certified by the government and deals with imported goods. They could be operated by the government and if they aren’t, they are under the control of customs. None of the products in this type of warehouse can be moved unless they are paid for and have been released by customs. This type of warehouse is most commonly used by those that deal with importing and exporting and they provide all the same services as a public warehouse.

Which Warehouse to Choose

Because there are actually only two types to choose from, most companies will end up dealing with a public warehouse facility. This is because, unless you mainly deal with imports and exports, you will want the storage and services provided by the public warehouse. A company can greatly benefit from the use of a warehouse; especially if their inventory is becoming a burden with their day to day tasks of business. A warehouse can alleviate many of the tasks that are involved with storing and shipping goods that may not need attention right away. A warehouse can also ensure that your inventory is secure and accounted for while you continue to perform daily tasks involved with running your business.

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