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Tips for making your college education easier

By GokyB
September 26, 2015

College is fun, but can also be stressful: students’ obligations can be overwhelming at times. We offer the following advice which help you go through with your college years safe and sound.

Make the best out of your time

You’ll find out soon enough that college tends to be quite time-consuming: classes, homework, extra-curriculars, plus, hopefully, a decent social life. In such a hectic schedule, it’s easy to fall behind, so it’s very important to manage your time to get the best out of every day. Work on daily and weekly plans and stick to them: you don’t have to plan every single detail, and be sure to include enough relaxation & fun time. College is a place where people have a lot of fun, but sometimes take it too far and end up hurting their studies – creating a timetable will prevent that.


Take Notes

Lectures feature lots of information and it’s absolutely necessary to write them all down and review later. Sure, it’s impossible to write down everything, so it’s important to develop some sort of a note-taking method which will work out for you. For example – try to make them briefer: to quote Berkeley, never use a sentence when you can use a phrase, or a phrase when you can use a word. You can also try to leave blank spaces in your notebook, so you can add comments later, or include the date and title of lectures on each page.

Go to classes, and go prepared

From time to time you’ll be tempted to skip a few classes. The truth is, by doing that, you’re only hurting yourself. At least some of the material covered in classes won’t be in the readings, and you’ll have no information regarding latest essays or exams. Read the assigned materials and review your notes before each class – this will enable you to participate in discussions and you’ll understand what the professor is talking about better. In the end, such participation and preparation will cut down on your studying time as you’ll already be familiar with the course material.


Take advantage of technology

Thanks to the Internet, you have a virtually inexhaustible source of information upon which you can expand your previous knowledge. It’s not only that – it enables a fast flow of information, including communication with your professors and colleagues. Study materials, homework, books can be sent and received in a matter of seconds. Not to mention additional gadgets, like tablets or a cheating hand watch, enabling you to store large quantities of data and view it on the screen any time you wish.

Find a suitable study technique

Chances are you’re going to have to change your old study routine and adapt it to the new environment, i.e. college. You can find some suggestions at the local tutoring center or ask for help from older colleagues. Try to form a study group – that way members of the group can help and motivate each other. Some colleges even have courses which can help you explore different learning styles and seeing which ones work best with you.

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