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Vinyl vs Stone Siding and Why Homeowners Like Them

August 25, 2021

Just like other industries, the construction industry is evolving with new trends set to dominate the market. One of the emerging trends in the use of vinyl siding over the traditional stone by homeowners. Stone has always been the go-to option for homeowners looking for a classic, rustic and craftsman appearance to their home. In recent years, more and more contractors are suggesting the use of vinyl siding, which offers numerous opportunities in terms of designs, texture, color and look.

This article is focused on highlighting the advantages of using vinyl siding over stone.


Compared to vinyl, stone siding is expensive, with the material costing an average of $30 per square foot. In most cases, this price doesn’t include the craftsmanship needed to get the job done right. On the other hand, vinyl siding is easy to install with 1,250 square feet costing an average of $5600. This means the cost of purchasing and installing vinyl siding is close to 214% lower compared to that of stone.


Without proper workmanship, stone siding has been known to lead to water-related damages and loss of structural integrity. Damages to your stone siding, no matter how small, can be quite expensive to repair or replace. On the other hand, vinyl has very low maintenance, especially if you are working on a budget. This means that any damage or repair to be done on a vinyl siding will be slightly lower compared to that of stone.


Vinyl siding designs currently in circulation offer a wide range of styling designs, colors and textures, allowing you to mirror the natural look you are hoping for without the adjacent costs of material and workmanship. On the other hand, most homes built using stone siding lose their shine after some time. This means you have to maintain both interior and exterior cleanups to maintain the shine.

Environmental Friendliness

Homeowners who are environmentally conscious can breathe a sigh of relief with the use of vinyl siding as they are mostly made out of recycled materials. This helps preserve the environment, unlike stone siding that has to be quarried. Keep in mind that stone is susceptible to stone damage can lose its appeal. This is further made worse by the use of cleaning solvents, de-icing salts and chemicals.


When it comes to insulation, both siding options are good for maintaining the temperatures of your home. Stone siding is closely packed together, limiting the number of air leakages. Vinyl siding, in some cases, features a foam underlay that helps to boost the insulation capabilities of your walls.

Both options are a favorite to homeowners. However, each has its highs and lows. Before making a choice on which one is best for you, check your finances and consult with your contractor. All factors considered, vinyl siding is probably the most appealing alternative due to its versatile applications.

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