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What Are The Main Causes For Cardiac Arrest?

June 20, 2016

It is a very serious condition to have a cardiac arrest. A ‘heart attack’ is another name for this condition. To have survived an episode of cardiac arrest, many times a person is considered to be extremely lucky. This makes it very significant to avoid cardiac arrest and as directed by the hospital or physician, medications should be taken. Many middle aged people were surprised to have a heart attack as they thought they were too young to have a heart attack. Many times the person goes into denial about having heart disease or heart problems, when a middle aged person is diagnosed with a cardiac problem. About having a heart condition, once the person resolves any issues of denial to manage the condition, they can get on to the job of changing their lifestyle.

The defect to the coronary arteries is the prime reason for heart attack. Coronary arteries are the transporting nutrients and medium of oxygen to heart muscles. Heart cannot pump blood to all parts of the body without sufficient oxygen. Hence, human life is affected by the coronary arteries. In few people, fat gets stored up in the coronary arteries. In the long run it reduces the flow of blood as this thickens the walls of the arteries. To release blood from inner walls of the arteries, the blockage caused by the plaques breaks at some point. If not subjected to emergency treatment, it may turn fatal.

What Are The Reasons For Cardiac Arrest?

Dr. Lowell I. Gerber, who is a great cardiologist in Freeport, Maine, states various reasons for heart attack. According to him, if given proper attention and care is taken, one can prevent some of the causes. For example, if given much care to your health, diabetes, high blood pressure and lack of exercise could be prevented. But other certain reasons such as age and heredity is beyond anybody’s control.

In diabetes patients, heart disease are bound to occur during young age as compared to normal people. In diabetes patients, the major symptom of heart disease which is chest pain is normally absent. In normal women, until menopause, heart disease are not found. But if they turn diabetic, things could be different.

Swelling of feet, suffocation and chest pain are the normal symptoms. But it is not obligatory that in heart patients such symptoms are found. In diabetes patients, these symptoms may well be absent.

What Are The Various Treatments For Cardiac Arrest?

According to Dr. Lowell I. Gerber, who has gathered 41 years of experience in various problems of the heart, believes that severity of the disease the treatment varies and depends. Through medicines minor troubles are controlled. In different treatment methods, the treatment methods are different. For treating heart diseases, alternative treatment techniques such as Ayurveda and naturopathy is good. Bypass is required if there is severe block in coronary arteries angioplasty. It is better to avert the troubles of the heart. To prevent heart troubles, people of high age group can perform yoga. It is also better to keep your cholesterol level under check and also avoid excess fat consumption.

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