What Can Cable Offer That You Can’t Get From Streaming Services?

May 14, 2021

Many people have started to consider or have even decided to cut the cable cord and use streaming services exclusively. It might sound like a great idea, but is it? Let’s think about what cable can offer that you can’t get from streaming services.

Cable Offers the Biggest Variety of Channels

Most people watch more than just a couple of channels. Many streaming services don’t offer channels at all, but instead a selection of shows and movies from a variety of places. When they do offer channels, it’s usually just a few. This means in order to watch everything you usually watch, you may have to use multiple streaming services. By the time you cobble together a complete channel package among multiple services, you’ve spent just as much, if not more, as you would on cable.

Cable Centralizes Your Entertainment

If you use multiple streaming services to try to watch shows and movies, you have to keep track of what you watch where. This can get confusing and complicated if you watch a lot. Cable centralizes all your entertainment so that you only need to grab one remote and scroll one list. There’s no need to remember if that show was on Hulu or Netflix, just whether it’s on right now or in half an hour. With Spectrum Cable TV Packages, you also get free HD-quality shows and movies, on-demand shows and movies and DVR services. You’ll also get the free mobile app, offering you the freedom to take your TV on the go.

Cable Offers More Flexibility

At first glance, streaming services might seem to offer more flexibility in what to watch. You can watch when you want, where you want, and seek out specific episodes or shows to watch. But where streaming services use an algorithm to serve up what they think you want to watch based on previous watch history and you need to search to find anything else, cable offers more flexibility because you can simply flip through the channels and come across an old favorite or a fascinating new show you might never have come across otherwise. With cable subscriptions, you also get access to those shows online whenever you want, just like a streaming service.

Streaming services such as Spectrum cable TV packages can be a great supplement to your entertainment experience. But if you really want to make the most of your TV time, you don’t want to give up cable. Cable offers the most bang for your buck and the best ease of use. No streaming service can compete with that.

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