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Why The Kitchen Is The Center Of The Family Home

May 25, 2016

An adage says that the kitchen is the heart of a home, and there is so much evidence to support this claim. Whether large or small, the kitchen is the center of almost any home. It is where all meals are made, and it fuels the bodies, souls and minds of friends and families everywhere in the world. Some individuals say that while life is produced in the bedroom, it is unquestionably lived in the kitchen of a home.

Over the course of two decades or so, kitchens began to become living spaces where more time is spent and where cooking was not the only activity taking place. Newer homes are built with kitchens as living spaces in consideration, and so these rooms have become much larger to accommodate friends and family as an additional space for entertainment. A lot of kitchens started to open up to other rooms, and some remained in separate spaces. The newer, larger, and more accommodating kitchens now have space for larger tables and islands are planned in to build a natural flow for people who are coming and going. More thought is being given to the design of the kitchen and its functionality and the idea of the kitchen as a living room is becoming increasingly popular. As a result of this, more homeowners are beginning to alter and enlarge their kitchen spaces so as to join the trend, both for resale and lifestyle purposes.

Kitchens Today are not just Kitchens

With a lot less importance being given to separate dining and living areas in today’s present times, the importance appears to be almost exclusively concentrated in the kitchen area. Much attention is being given to the layout of the room, design, and the functionality. Newer kitchens, even though they are called kitchens, are so much more than just kitchens. Today’s kitchen is the family’s living space and these big rooms house several areas within the house. There is a kitchen area which is the designated cooking space and is thoughtfully, prudently planned out. Then there is the dining area which is usually in the kitchen and is big enough to hold a table which comfortably seats six or more members of the family. Finally, in most of the bigger kitchens, is the sitting area, so that in effect, the entire family can spend time together while working, cooking, or relaxing. Many newly built homes embracing a more casual lifestyle are being constructed without a dining room space or a formal living area. For individuals who enjoy entertaining guests and do so often, they find that the guests usually gather in the kitchen area even though they have a dining room.

Evolution of the Kitchen

The kitchen is always evolving, and builders, designers, architects, and property developers all know this, and so do kitchen manufacturers. The kitchen design and functionality is ever evolving based on the varied and busy lifestyle of people today, with a lot of thought given to where technology is headed in the nearest future. All kitchen appliances, such as dishwashers, refrigerators and ovens are continually changing as well. New designs, concepts and products emerge into the market almost every year. Kitchens are also becoming environmentally friendly, and recycled materials are now being employed in the design of the kitchen, thereby, incorporating greener lifestyles which encourage sustainability. For instance, in the US garbage disposals are under a ban and composting is compulsory in every home. The modern kitchens are being built with this fact in mind.

The kitchen feeds both the mind and the body and has become more of a living area where families gather to have meals, welcome guests, read novels or relax. It is definitely the center of the home.For further information call NKBCO today!!

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