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Winter Flooding Preparation

September 30, 2015

As global warming continues to produce wetter weather throughout the UK, it looks as though more flooding is unavoidable. Preparation is crucial if you’re going to be knee deep in it.

UK Floods

The extreme downpours in January 2014 were the worst seen in the UK since records began in 1767, in which there was double the monthly rainfall. This left many areas in the UK extremely vulnerable to floods, as the conditions were completely unforeseen. If global warming continues to increase the chance of more flooding then it’s something the country needs to be prepared for.

With an increased risk of flooding in the UK it means that it may occur in areas that haven’t previously been known to flood. Not only will these areas not have the right preparations in place, but also they will have no idea what to do if their homes do become flooded.

With so many highly populated areas in the UK near rivers and the sea, the risk of flooding is much greater. During periods of consistent wet weather in areas that are known to flood, without the right precautions and preparatory measures you’re leaving yourself and your home open to flooding.

In built up residential areas in the UK floods could cause massive risks due to the amount of young children and elderly people. A recent news report highlighted the problem of homeowners not keeping their drains clear, which has increased the risk of flooding.

The Effect the Flooding will have

In many cases in the past flooding has completely wrecked homes, not only for structural reasons, but completely decimated people’s possessions. This includes cars and other vehicles, which will be easily swept away in stronger floods.

Badly damaged homes and businesses can be without power for days or even weeks, which can be dangerous in wet conditions if people are unable to keep warm. For businesses this have a massive impact because of the loss of sales, and the money that will be needed to cover repairs.

In this type of situation it’s crucial for people to prepare themselves by knowing which companies offer emergency power generator hire. Taking this initiative now could make the world of difference when you find yourself floating down the hallway in the dark, with no power to turn the lights on. With a lack of power it means businesses aren’t able to open, so an emergency generator could be crucial for them to continue to run successfully.

Global warming seems to be playing a big role in the stint of wetter weather the UK has been having, others claim it’s a direct link of climate changes but this is still just a theory. With last January’s rain being the worst seen since 1767, it definitely raises some concerns about future flooding.

If this extreme weather were set to continue, or even worsen, then it would be foolish not to prepare properly. If floods were to become a common problem for the UK as a whole, then now would be the time to establish some precautionary measures.

Chris Allen is the Operations Director at Templant Group, which provides generators to provide power to events all across the UK.

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