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4 Sounds From Your Bathroom That You Might Need to Worry About

December 18, 2020

Ordinarily, your bathroom is a place for quiet relaxation. If something goes wrong with the pipes or fixtures in the bathroom, though, that peace and quiet could quickly be interrupted. While some sounds are fairly innocuous, there are certain sounds that require a call to a plumber for further investigation.


If it sounds like a hammer hitting a board when you turn off the water in your bathroom, you may have a problem. Typically, this sound is caused when your home’s water pressure is too high for the pipes and fixtures to handle. As the force of the water meets the closed valve of the plumbing fixture, it causes a major disturbance in the adjoining supply line. Over time, this can lead to significant wear and tear on fixtures and pipes alike, meaning it’s important to address this problem quickly.


Hearing your toilet flush when no one’s in the bathroom can be a spooky experience. Fortunately, this is a common problem that all plumbers have encountered. This seemingly complex problem actually has a simple solution: replacing your toilet’s “flapper,” the rubber gasket that prevents water from entering the bowl. Replace this inexpensive part, and your phantom flushing will be no more.


A dripping faucet is usually easy enough to diagnose and fix. However, when that dripping sound is coming from inside the walls of your bathroom, you should immediately call a plumber. This sound indicates that one or more of the pipes in your walls has a leak. While it may not seem like much, this constant dripping can cause significant damage over time. Therefore, the sooner you can have this problem fixed, the better.


If your toilet sounds like a deflating balloon when it’s flushing, you need to take action. In many cases, this sound occurs when the fill valve has a bad seal. This bad seal causes the fill valve to suck in air as it’s moving water into your toilet’s tank. Since the size of the hole in the seal is usually small, it creates a high-pitched noise as the air moves through. Since a bad seal could indicate a flush valve that’s on its way out, it’s typically best to replace the entire flush valve to maintain your toilet’s proper operation.

While many of the sounds coming from your bathroom are easy to fix, there are certain sounds that can spell serious trouble. In some cases, you may need to quickly turn off the water to your home in order to prevent significant property damage. By knowing the location of your home’s main water shut-off valve, you’ll be able to turn the water off quickly so that the damage is minimized.

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