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4 Unique Ways To Reduce Energy Usage At Home

March 4, 2016

Saving the environment and saving money are two big priorities for many of us these days. Reducing energy usage at home has the advantage of doing both, reducing the amount of fossil fuel based energy that is used, as well as saving you money on your electricity bill. However, what are the best ways to save energy at home to preserve valuable environmental resources and cash? While turning off lights and appliances when they’re not being used is a good way to save energy, there’s so many other great and innovative ways to save energy at home and reduce your costs as well. Here we look at 4 unique ways to reduce energy usage at home to make your impact easier on the environment and your hip pocket.

Have Your Air Conditioner Serviced

Air conditioners have become an essential part of life for those of us who live in hot and humid climates. It’s one of the reason why services are popular in certain warmer areas, like air conditioning service on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Cairns and Darwin. However, air conditioners can drain a lot of energy and use significantly more electricity than a fan for cooling a home. This means a much greater use of electricity over a month and a huge cost of use for an air conditioner.

An unmaintained air conditioner can cost even more in energy costs because dust and contaminants can clog the filter, resulting in more energy being needed to push the air out. Old and faulty air conditioners also use more energy because they use the energy inefficiently, and therefore require more energy usage to get the same results. Having your air conditioner serviced can save on energy bills and requirements, and result in more efficient air conditioner function.

Turn Your Fridge Down

The refrigerator is one of the major users of household energy, accounting for up to 20% of household energy use. Refrigerators can also waste energy because if they are old and out of shape, the insulation and the stripping on the doors may not be as effective at maintaining the internal temperature, resulting in greater energy usage trying to keep the fridge cool. Make sure your fridge and freezer are set at precisely the right temperature, and use a thermometer to check. Incorrectly set temperatures can use excess energy or cause spoilage of the food.

Making sure the fridge is in good condition, and replacing it with a more energy efficient model if necessary can help you to save energy and money.

Install Energy Efficient Appliances

Of course installing energy efficient appliances and light globes can help to significantly reduce your energy usage and energy costs in the home. Energy efficient appliances are designed to work highly effectively without using a large amount of energy and power, meaning you get better results by using less electricity and money.

Energy efficient light bulbs can also help to reduce energy usage of the lights to just a fraction of the original usage, so these energy efficient lights are well worth investing in.

Insulate Your Home

Insulating your home is a great and low cost way to reduce energy costs and energy usage. Insulating and weather stripping your home helps to protect the inside of your home from the outside elements. Heaters and air conditioners use a lot of energy, but a well-insulated home requires less use of these appliances to produce the same result. Insulating your home can save 20-30% on your home heating or cooling bills, which saves a significant amount of money and emissions for the environment.

Insulating and weather stripping your home makes it more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, as well as saving you a significant amount of money on your heating or cooling bills. Setting your home up right to conserve energy is not expensive, but saves you plenty of money in the long run.

With these 4 unique tips you can really save significantly on your energy bill, using less electricity and conserving the use of power, for a better electricity bill and a lower impact on the environment.

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